EP 185 – Dr B in the House! Vol. 6

Welcome to Episode 185, where we once again delve into the complex world of health and wellness with our esteemed guest, Dr. Davis Brockenshire, a Functional Medicine Expert.

With Dr. Google and AI often leading us through confusing rabbit holes, our podcast aims to piece together the intricate puzzle of health, offering clear insights and understanding.

Dr. Brockenshire, affectionately known as Dr. B, has graced our show over 20 times, earning accolades from our Lovely, Loyal Listeners. His profound ability to connect the dots between bodily systems – encompassing organs, tissues, cells, and even our emotions – provides a comprehensive view of our health. These discussions may initially seem complex, but they eventually resonate deeply, offering clarity and direction.

In this episode, Dr. B shares his personal journey of overcoming a recent health setback, providing real-life inspiration and demonstrating that even experts face life’s unpredictability. This candid conversation reminds us that life is a mix of triumphs and challenges, and nobody has it all figured out.

Highlights of our discussion include:

  1. Healing from Broken Bones: Dr. B reveals his approach to accelerating recovery and maintaining bone health.
  2. Toilet Talk: We revisit a frequently asked topic – bowel health. Dr. B explains the significance of stool characteristics like shape, buoyancy, and composition, offering insights into our digestive health.
  3. Supplement Sensitivities: Addressing queries from Maryann and others, Dr. B explains why certain supplements like calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins may cause discomfort on an empty stomach.
  4. Camel Milk Queries: Responding to Val from Montreal, we explore the benefits of camel milk, comparing fresh, frozen, and powdered forms, and why one might choose camel milk over other types.
  5. Gallbladder Health: Janice seeks advice on managing a gallstone and the prospect of gallbladder removal. Dr. B provides guidance on preserving gallbladder health and potentially reducing gallstones.
  6. Yellow Tinge in Eyes: Unraveling why the whites of some people’s eyes may appear yellowish, an indicator of certain health conditions.

We also introduce a new segment: Ask Dr. B, where we address listener queries. In this episode, we discuss the puzzling experience of nausea when taking certain supplements without food, and the mysterious yellow tint in the whites of some people’s eyes.

Don’t miss this enlightening episode with Dr. Brockenshire.

As always, we value your feedback and questions. Keep them coming, and stay tuned for more health wisdom on our podcast!

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