Nutrition Consultations

You want to feel better. Move better. Look better. Perform better.

You need to eat better.

Ever get stuck on how exactly to do that? Everyone does.

You can eat your way to a better you. Whatever “better” means for you. It could be that you want to improve your golf swing, hoist your sails without pain, play and ride a bike with your kids and keep up, or travel without worrying about your belly acting up. Perhaps it’s that you want to get out of bed in the morning without a foggy brain and with a body that’s energetic without the usual stiffness. Maybe you’ve been trying to lose weight. A lot of it. Or the last 10 pounds that just won’t budge.

Whatever your “better” is, you’re in the right place to get there.

I want to know about your life, what’s working, what’s not. When you work with me, it all begins with a deep dive into all that’s going on. Your health, sleep, energy, highs and lows, family history, what helps you and what makes it all worse. Most of all, I want to know how you want to feel. My job is to help you get there by eating better. You can always make a different choice when it comes to food. You need to know how though: what to eat, why, and when. It’s confusing otherwise. I bet that you’ve dabbled. Tried a thing or two here and there. Thought you could do it – follow through and see results. Maybe you did feel a bit better, sleep sounder or wake feeling more energized. You were on the wagon, then fell off. You’re just not sure how to get back on.

Cue expert nutritionist who will take you from where you are, to where you want to be. Working one-on-one takes the guesswork, confusion and wonder out of eating. Whether you really don’t know what you’re doing or you eat very well, individualized programs, meal and snack must-eat’s, all help you to reach your goals.

Here are some of the reasons people seek my help:

  • You’ve got food allergies and sensitivities but don’t know what they are, or how to remove food groups from your meals.
  • Your skin could be so much better. Redness, itchy, flaky, acne, scarring and dullness can change for the better when you eat right. Really, it can.
  • Surgery is booked, you need to lose weight and want a speedy recovery.
  • You’ve never had “normal” digestion. Constipation, diarrhea or a bit of both. Gassiness, acid reflux and pain are new or old symptoms and you want rid of them.
  • You hear of others jumping out of bed, ready to take on the day. You want that.
  • Pain, aches, throbbing and swelling have become your new normal and you’re done with it. You want less, you want it gone.
  • Yo-yo diets, fad diets, carb only, high protein and juice cleanses are all checked off the list and none of them helped you keep the weight off. It has to go, once and for all. And stay gone.
  • Everyone thinks you are crazy when you say you need to put ON weight. Keep it on and feel healthy. Yes, it happens.
  • You know what you’re doing, or think you do, but you aren’t getting where you want to be. You need help. Just ask.
  • Your family needs to eat better. You need to stress less. The kids aren’t eating what you want them to, and your dinner table somehow has become like a menu’d restaurant. It’s time for change.
  • You don’t eat like most. You’re vegetarian, vegan, follow the FODMAP diet or GAPS diet. Maybe you’ve ventured into the ketogenic diet. You need help to improve and don’t want to be told to change your philosophy or explain your reasons. It’s support you need.
  • Nutrition from pregnancy through to birth and beyond – check out Sprout Right here.


Support comes in different packages, as in a choice of time lines. If you’re not sure, book a call with me and let’s discuss.

Each package includes:

  • Initial 90 minute consultation – in-person, video or phone call
  • Bi-weekly 30 min follow-up appointments
  • Email support to keep you on track and answer questions that come up in between appointments
  • Meal Plan(s) from our stock to suit your needs


A minimum commitment to working together for two months is $795* and can be paid in two payments. Longer packages also have the option to pay monthly.

An official receipt for insurance purposes can be provided (check that your insurance provider covers the cost of a Registered Nutritionist).

*all pricing in Canadian dollars


Set up a 20 minute call where I can address which package will support you in your health journey.

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