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Passion For Nutrition and Education

People need up-to-date information to keep up in this fast-paced world. Information that’s useful, relevant and easy to incorporate into busy lifestyles to have maximum impact on health. All the headlines, studies and research bring new ways and ideas, but which ones are worth the effort? Lianne has a unique ability to keep it simple.

Her trusted voice has reached many ears through her regular NewsTalk1010 radio segment with Jerry Agar every Friday. She inspires those in their homes and at work on many breakfast shows, news networks and channels with new ideas, products, concepts or ways to improve health, wellness and lifestyle. She speaks to groups large and small and continues to receive tremendous feedback about how, for years, what she offers changes lives. Always for the better.

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  • Breakfast Television Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary & Edmonton
  • CityTV’s Cityline
  • CTVNews Network
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  • CP24
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  • Global Morning Live
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  • CHCH Morning Live
  • Til Debt Do Us Part
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  • 104.5 CHUM FM
  • 99.9 Virgin Radio
  • NewsTalk1010
  • CBC Ontario Today
  • 96.7 CHYM Kitchener Radio

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  • Pink & Blue Magazine
  • Canadian Living
  • Today’s Parent
  • Parents Canada
  • Canadian Family
  • Toronto Star
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Toronto Sun
  • Vancouver Sun

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  • Staples
  • Canadian Health Food Association
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  • Target
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