EP 11 – Eat This: Viruses and Immunity – COVID-19

In light of the recent health situation in Canada and around the world, we are joined by Functional Medical Expert, Dr Davis Brockenshire (Dr B), to help better understand the Coronavirus and hopefully alleviate some fears. We’ll give you great advice and ideas to help you fight from home by BOOSTING your immune system to fight any virus.

In this episode, we are going there… viruses. What are they anyway and what can we do to protect ourselves, both from the fear and worry, but let’s not forget about protecting ourselves with our own immunity. Right now one particular virus, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is headlining every news report, with daily updates in numbers of people affected around the world and how each country and region is responding.

People rarely say “I wish I’d panicked more.”

So let’s take a deep breath, exhale and see what we can do to help educate you about your immunity, what your body’s capabilities are and where there could be real risk. Now in no way does this replace or even challenge what Health Officials are saying, my intention here is to come at this from a holistic standpoint, so today on EAT THIS… viruses and immunity. Some different ways of coming at this and some great tips including safer travel.

Virus vs Bacteria

I asked Dr. B what a virus is compared to a bacteria so we could understand how it affects our body. Remember that viruses cause inflammation and if there’s any way to calm inflammation, that’s to lower stress, eat light and super healthy–although I know all you want is comfort food which is NOT a spinach and arugula salad topped with grated beets and carrots!


Did you know that antibiotics starve bacteria to annihilate them? I did not, and feel better for knowing what they do and how they work. I do know that because of this process, the immune clean-up-crew that comes along after a foreigner has been annihilated, the crew doesn’t know to come and do its job, and that’s when re-infection or low-grade infections can happen. That’s when keeping up with your immune-supportive supplements including probiotics is KEY. Don’t think that just because you’re taking antibiotics that you’re going to be in tip-top shape at the end of them… there’s still work to be done. Clearing out that old virus or bacteria with more than normal water for hydration, re-balancing the gut flora or microbiome with high dose probiotics, and giving your body more B and C vitamins to keep that next bug at bay, must be done.

Key Immune Support

Along with Dr. B’s comment about a lack of vitamin D in the Northern Hemisphere in our winter months and the opposite time of year for the Southern Hemisphere, being a reason for flu and virus season at those times of year, his recommendations are below.

Vitamin D – adults 10,000iu per day and kids 2000iu per day. Preferably in a Liposome spray form and with K2. My Take This Sunshine D3+K2 has both. In the H1N1 or Avian Flu outbreak, vitamin D was the number one recommended supplement to dose up on, even by the medical community. The immune enhancement is far beyond what any of us realize.

Vitamin C – this is written about in so many journals, studies and more are coming out every day. Take it until what’s called bowel tolerance. Huh, you say? That means that when you take too much vitamin C it can give you loose stools. Good if you’re constipated, but not if you’re not! Start with 2000mg once a day and then double it by taking another dose later in the day. If you feel off and know something is coming, double both doses. If you get loose stools, you know to back off. Take This ALKA C is buffered so it causes less digestive issues like this and contains minerals like zinc that you also need.

Zinc – the mineral zinc plays a role in pretty much everything that your body does, especially keeping all the immune army in tip-top shape. Complete zinc deficiency is rare but it’s often recommended to have more at times when viruses like the flu are flying around. Not it may not stop you from getting sick but may reduce the number of days that your virus lasts and most importantly can reduce upper respiratory infections. Take on its own or as it’s in both ADULT BOOST and ALKA C, just take them and you’ll have extra.

Probiotics – this is my number one recommendation for anything to do with the immune system. Because 80% of your immune system is in your gut. Yes, while you think it’s floating somewhere in your body, most of it is there and can be influenced by taking probiotics. Dr. B suggested the Saccharomyces Boulardii strain which is the strain in Take This BIO BOOST (also called Bacillus coagulans) which survives antibiotics and is best to take after a course of antibiotics. I recommend a ‘flush’ post antibiotics. We send out that protocol in all post-purchase emails.

Dr. B said not to expect to put any supplements into sick and stressed out body and expect it to get well, but every step towards health is a good one. Start with a better snack, or add more vegetables to your fast food, even eliminate some sugar from your day… no matter what it is, coupled with the right supplements can lead to a stronger you.

And how about travel? Yes, some must still travel or choose to, so listen in to what Dr. B said to do when you travel. Here’s the product that he mentioned THIEVES OIL and ANDROGRAPHIS for lung health and when you’re on the plane.

Good health and hygiene are key. So yes, I’ll say it again in case this is new news to you… wash your hands. Don’t fear the headlines but be ready. What you can do is to build vitality and resilience and continue that daily. That means sleep, exercise, eat fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, and a lot less sugar than you want to. We talked about immunity and ways to support and enhance a healthy microbiome which is a baseline defense of our immune system.

Note: all the supplements mentioned above are also in my IMMUNE BOOST package found here.


  1. FellowCanadian

    Not another anti-masker🙄… Can’t believe a doctor said not to bother with masks. I get that you don’t want to breathe back your own air, but you are also letting out YOUR potentially affected air onto others. Expected more from a doctor. No wonder we’re going back into lockdown, it’s because of these ignorant american health professionals that don’t seem to care about others. I’m sorry you have to “rebreathe your own lung gases” but just wear a mask, it’s not hard. Honestly confused how you do the absolute MOST and not wear a mask. #CancelDrB2020

    • Hi there fellow Canadian. Thanks for your feedback. Dr B isn’t another anti-masker, he was giving his opinion at the beginning of COVID (in March) as there was a lot of controversy about to-mask or not-mask. You’ll notice that the date of this episode was in the late spring. You’re giving his opinion a lot of weight if you think that he had a say in what the government and medical experts of the country have decided is in the best interest of Canadians. I feel that what Dr B offered during this episode had a lot more value than a hindrance. I certainly feel your frustration with the current situation. None of us want to be here and I sure feel helpless, other than following the guidelines.

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