Troubleshooting Your Health and Wellness

You may have heard me talk about a health concern, a type of diet or a supplement or protein powder on TV, radio or in an article or blog post and you want to know more. Or maybe you read an article and are now wondering what you can do to improve your health or the symptoms that are impacting your quality of life.

I see many people who read about a new supplement and then run out, buy it and add it to their mixed bag of pills daily only to find it may or may not hit the spot. A similar thing happens with diets. This week it’s keto, last week it was intermittent fasting, and now maybe it’s plant-based. What’s the best way forward for you?

So. Many. Questions.

Having access to and speaking with an expert isn’t always easy without blowing your budget, and while I offer various consultations at different price points, I know that there are people who just want to ask some questions and then get on with it themselves. Not everyone wants to commit to working with a nutritionist on an ongoing basis, they just want to know what the next step is and move on.

That’s why I’ve just launched our Troubleshooting Consultation Package.

If you are after some advice and then want to move on yourself or if you need a check-in on where you’re at and then you’re good to go, this is for you. The follow-up session will keep you on track with accountability and guidance, just what you’ll need a few weeks after our first 30-minute phone or video call.

If you want to make some changes and need support and accountability over a longer period of time, the 2, 4 or 6-month consultation packages are for you.

If you’re not sure what’s best, let’s jump on a quick call to figure it out together. Book yourself that chat here, and you’ll be clearer on what you need and the financial commitment.

Know what you want? Book the Troubleshooting Consultation package for two 30-minute phone or video calls for $99. You’ll receive instructions on how to book an appointment and complete a short intake form before we speak.

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