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EP 190 – Dr “B” In the House!

In the latest episode of the “EAT THIS with Lianne” podcast, we dive into an enlightening conversation with Dr. Davis Brockenshire, a renowned functional medicine expert from Innovative Health Solutions in Michigan. Known affectionately as Dr. B, he has become a fan favorite for his insightful contributions across more than 30 episodes. Dr. B’s unique approach to diagnosing and sharing knowledge has resonated deeply with our listeners, sparking a continuous flow of questions from you […]

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EP 189 – H2…Oh, Hydrogen Enriched Water?

In the world of health and wellness, we can get lost in the search for a new way to take care of ourselves, only to find that the answer has been right beneath our feet this whole time. Hydrogen water is one such example of nature’s fundamental elements being used to improve our health and wellness. When there’s something new in wellness, it always gets people talking. On EAT THIS with Lianne, they went down […]

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EP 187 – Rounding Out 2023: Set Yourself Up For Success in 2024

Welcome to a special edition of “EAT THIS with Lianne,” where we bid farewell to 2023 and set our sights on a prosperous 2024. This past year has been an exhilarating ride – a blend of rapid change, profound learning, and self-discovery. As we reflect on the wealth of information shared, I’m often taken aback by the depth of knowledge in our episodes. Sometimes, I find myself wondering, “Who is this knowledgeable person?” only to […]

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EP 177 – Why you can’t lose weight despite exercising

Ever promised yourself another treat, thinking you’ll “burn it off” tomorrow? Many of us have been there, bargaining with ourselves over that extra cookie or drink, thinking a gym session can erase any indulgence. This mindset, where we believe we can “offset” our indulgences with exercise, is a common trap. Some even claim they exercise solely to justify such treats. It’s worth asking: where does this belief stem from? I’ve been hearing a recurring question, […]

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EP 166 – More Kitchen Sink Questions with Dr. Brockenshire

When it comes to our health, there are various professionals we seek for assistance. We might visit our primary care doctor, consult a naturopath, try acupuncture or osteopathy, see a chiropractor, or seek the expertise of a Registered Nutritionist like myself. In Quebec, they refer to my designation as an Ontario Nutritionist. Additionally, some medical doctors and chiropractors have ventured into the field of functional medicine, which focuses on understanding how the body functions and […]

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EP 61 – Eat This: H₂0

Water is essential to life because of our big bag of hairy self – we are made of 60% water. Sure, you drink your however many glasses a day, and then you pee some out, lose some through your skin, breath, stool and all that can’t be out of balance with what’s going in, or you become dehydrated. Water and hydrated tissues help your body keep a normal body temperature, lubricate and cushion joints, protect […]

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EP 12 – Eat This: Hangry?

Have you been on an early morning flight and the person behind you is either kneeing the back of your seat or messing with their tray table, and all you want to do is turn around and scream at ‘em or better yet, smack ‘em upside the head? Or you’re walking down the street and someone is in front of you hogging the sidewalk and you’d like for a lightning bolt to knock ‘em down […]

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Dr. B’s Hot Toddy

While I don’t usually recommend drinking alcohol when you’re sick, this hot toddy recipe takes a wee dram of whisky to another level. As Dr. B explained in Episode 10 of EAT THIS with Lianne, the effect of his hot toddy recipe is that it’s a vasodilator and that helps those aches and pains that you’re feeling if you’re sick. The pain in your body, the soreness in your throat, achey back or legs, maybe […]