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EP 187 – Rounding Out 2023: Set Yourself Up For Success in 2024

Welcome to a special edition of “EAT THIS with Lianne,” where we bid farewell to 2023 and set our sights on a prosperous 2024. This past year has been an exhilarating ride – a blend of rapid change, profound learning, and self-discovery. As we reflect on the wealth of information shared, I’m often taken aback by the depth of knowledge in our episodes. Sometimes, I find myself wondering, “Who is this knowledgeable person?” only to […]

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EP 166 – More Kitchen Sink Questions with Dr. Brockenshire

When it comes to our health, there are various professionals we seek for assistance. We might visit our primary care doctor, consult a naturopath, try acupuncture or osteopathy, see a chiropractor, or seek the expertise of a Registered Nutritionist like myself. In Quebec, they refer to my designation as an Ontario Nutritionist. Additionally, some medical doctors and chiropractors have ventured into the field of functional medicine, which focuses on understanding how the body functions and […]

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EP 50 – Eat This: Top 5 Episodes

Can you believe that this is the 50th episode of EAT THIS with Lianne? I sure can’t.  From where we started about 18 months ago, this podcast has evolved, pivoted and dare I say, grown over the past year and I guess the pivot is really to do with the crazy times that we’ve been living in for the nine months. Out of the fifty past episodes, twelve were recorded in person in the NewsTalk1010 […]

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EP 13 – Eat This: Self Isolation, Eating and Snacking

We are in an intense time of uncertainty, fear and worry and it’s worldwide. How are you? This isn’t easy an easy time to be in with all the change from the normal day of getting up, going to work and coming home. Kids being home all day and family members all around you without much space is likely grating on your nerves left, right and centre. So many emotions to navigate: loneliness, sadness, anger, […]

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Dr. B’s Hot Toddy

While I don’t usually recommend drinking alcohol when you’re sick, this hot toddy recipe takes a wee dram of whisky to another level. As Dr. B explained in Episode 10 of EAT THIS with Lianne, the effect of his hot toddy recipe is that it’s a vasodilator and that helps those aches and pains that you’re feeling if you’re sick. The pain in your body, the soreness in your throat, achey back or legs, maybe […]


EP 11 – Eat This: Viruses and Immunity – COVID-19

In light of the recent health situation in Canada and around the world, we are joined by Functional Medical Expert, Dr Davis Brockenshire (Dr B), to help better understand the Coronavirus and hopefully alleviate some fears. We’ll give you great advice and ideas to help you fight from home by BOOSTING your immune system to fight any virus. In this episode, we are going there… viruses. What are they anyway and what can we do […]

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EAT THIS to Fight Things Like the Flu

When you get that scratchy throat and your nose is running like a tap, your body aches and you’ve got the chills, what is your body telling you? It’s shouting at you, saying you could be sick and that your immune system is working. It’s not the bug that’s making you feel awful, but the immune system’s re-sponse to it. Sometimes you’ll get a fever, other times you won’t. Either way, it’s a good sign. […]