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EP 168 – Where Are Our Supplements Going?

Welcome to Episode 168 of our podcast, where we dive into a topic that affects us all – the potential risk to natural health products. Whether you’re a new or loyal listener, it’s likely that you incorporate supplements into your daily routine and prioritize the impact of food on your well-being. The abundance of studies linking health to natural health products, such as magnesium supplements, can sometimes be overwhelming. Today, we shed light on the […]

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EP 60 – Eat This: All About Menopause

Menopause, and a more common term that you’ll hear these days – perimenopause – sum up what’s dauntingly known as “the change” in a woman’s life. It typically happens anywhere from her forties onwards – for some even earlier, and for some it comes later. I think it’s a bit like breastfeeding in that this is supposed to be a natural part of life, but “natural” doesn’t speak to how uncomfortable, difficult and painful it […]