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EP 85 – Eat This: Sleep and why you can’t get a good night of it

There are times when topics come up once, and then you hear the same thing again, and again. Lately, I’ve had that experience with different people talking about sleep. And not always that they’ve had a good night of it. Clients who have had issues of late, but also for years. There are people who have never slept well in their lives, and others who go through spells of not sleeping well. I’ve talked before […]

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EP 19 – Eat This: Food for Good Sleep

Do you wake up excited when you’ve slept through the night? Or maybe get your rush from thinking that you’re able to function on 4 hours a night? Countless times I’ve heard it said that you can “sleep when you’re dead” so carry on partying, drinking, staying up late and “LIVING”. However, according to the experts, that’s rather unwise advice. What I’ve dug up about sleep for this episode might show you that sleep, next […]