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Eat This: Collagen 101

You know those supplements that you hear about that claim to be the elixir of life? The magic bullet, cure all, special pill, drink, or that cream that will rid you of your sore back, hips, knees or whatever aches you. Then there are those that say it’ll take 10 years off the person that you see in the mirror, and the biggest draw of all, you’ll get to shed those unwanted pounds with THIS…. […]


Eat This: Symptoms of deficiency you probably don’t know about (Part 1)

There you are, going about your day, the sun is shining or it’s grey with a sky full of cloud cover. You’ve woken up in a pretty good mood, feeling rested from a deep enough sleep that you’re ready to take on the day. Maybe you meditate before you jump out of bed. I know you drink that glass of water that I’ve suggested that you put beside your bed–hopefully, with half a juiced lemon […]

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Eat This: Glowing Skin

What can be as thin as a millimeter and can bleed, ooze, burn, tear, swell, wrinkle, hurt, itch, sag, stretch, scar, regenerate, heal, blister, and peel? Yep, your it’s skin.  Is there some magical elixir that can make it all better? Turn back the clock to earlier days, or get rid of your acne, rosacea, dark circles under your eyes, heal your scar or stretch marks….  Drum roll… it all starts with food.  Today, on […]