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EP 138 – Eat This: Immunity and reducing inflammation

Sneezes, coughs, droopy and tired looking eyes are all signs that some sort of infection has taken hold of your body. It doesn’t feel good, it slows you down, makes you stop when you don’t want to – or take medicines so you can keep going, but there’s no denying it, being sick sucks. What is it about the couch, blanket, comfort food and the TV remote that we gravitate towards, as opposed to doing […]

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Ep 95 – Eat This: Immunity 2.0

A listener’s question came in via email from Janice and asked “I’m hearing of colds going around. Can you help tell me what to stock my fridge with, that’ll help my family stay well?”  What do you think about that, Chris? I say, let’s help her out shall we?  Colds and flu season is around the corner and now, more than ever it’s important to be as proactive as possible in boosting our immunity to […]


EP 11 – Eat This: Viruses and Immunity – COVID-19

In light of the recent health situation in Canada and around the world, we are joined by Functional Medical Expert, Dr Davis Brockenshire (Dr B), to help better understand the Coronavirus and hopefully alleviate some fears. We’ll give you great advice and ideas to help you fight from home by BOOSTING your immune system to fight any virus. In this episode, we are going there… viruses. What are they anyway and what can we do […]