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EP 114 – Eat This: High blood pressure

When you read a stat that 25% of the world’s population has it, and personally get asked by around 10 people lately, I take it as a sign that it’s time to talk about it. It’s said that a billion people out of the 7 billion on the planet, suffer with high blood pressure or hypertension, and that’s not good. Here in Canada it’s one in five people and in the US one in 3 […]

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EP 79 – Eat This: Men’s Health

I once proposed a book topic and title to my publisher, and it was about men’s health and weight loss. It was turned down before even being proposed to the ‘group’ of other editors who all weigh in on whether a book title and topic is worthy of them looking into publishing it. I felt let down on many levels. “Men don’t buy books, or enough books” was the reason. Well, then who is buying […]