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EP 171 – The True Benefits of Isometric Exercise with Brad Thorpe

Welcome back, fitness enthusiasts and loyal listeners of the EAT THIS with Lianne podcast! In today’s episode, we dive deep into the world of Isometric Exercise – a stationary yet intense form of exercise that’s been making waves in the fitness realm. Any form of movement can be a mood booster. The age-old battle of “should I work out now, later, or maybe tomorrow?” is something most of us grapple with. But believe me, you’ll […]

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EP 78 – Eat This: What do I do every day?

You know when you look at someone and wonder what on earth they do with themselves, because you’re looking to do better? Well that happens with clients, listeners, followers and friends. Being asked what I’m doing has been a constant throughout my career and I’m more than happy to share. Along with wanting to be inspired, I’m also asked how-to. In the midst of our busy lives, there has to be a way to do […]

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EP 73 – Eat This: Could You Have NAFLD?

Your liver is your body’s workhorse and when was the last time that you even considered how it’s doing? If you’re not aware, your liver is your body’s primary filtration system and converts toxins into waste products and then takes out that trash. It cleanses and filters your blood, metabolizes and breaks down nutrients and all medications from anti-seizure, blood pressure, cholesterol and chemo meds to what you took for your last headache and it […]