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EP 181 – Is Cereal Good For You? 

In our latest episode, I meandered through the grocery aisles, reminiscent yet startled by the vibrant boxes of cereal. It’s been ages, and the magnitude of choice and packaging was astonishing—clearly designed for families with a hearty cereal appetite. This crunchy morning tradition, drenched in milk, saw a decline until a 2020 resurgence. Its origins are as rich as its flavors, dating back to 1863 with James Caleb Jackson’s ‘Granula’, and evolving through Kellogg’s and […]

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EP 156 – Eat This: Mighty Macros and More!

The podcast and radio show is called EAT THIS with Lianne. While I incorporate food into each episode, topics of late like sauna and cold plunge, meditation, listening to yourself, mental health, and other broader health topics that relate to food, I felt like we hadn’t had a focused discussion about the food that’s on your plate in a while. Sure, knowing how to stabilize your blood sugar with a glucose monitor that Chris and […]