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EP 179 – Weight Loss Drugs – Yay or Nay?

Welcome back to another insightful episode of the “EAT THIS with Lianne” podcast. In our latest episode, we delve into a highly controversial and timely topic: weight loss drugs. Are they the miraculous solution we’ve been waiting for, or is there more beneath the surface that might give us pause? In our fast-paced society, it’s only natural for us to gravitate towards solutions that promise quick, effortless results. This trait is particularly evident in our […]

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EP 178 – The Power of Social Media Influence on Your Food Choices

Welcome to another exciting episode of “EAT THIS with Lianne.” Today, we’re diving into a topic that affects us all: the influence of social media on our food choices. As we scroll through our feeds, we’re bombarded with information, advice, and, sometimes, downright misinformation about what we should eat. But how much can we trust the voices behind those posts? What drives their recommendations, and what’s in it for them? In a world where everyone […]

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EP 177 – Why you can’t lose weight despite exercising

Ever promised yourself another treat, thinking you’ll “burn it off” tomorrow? Many of us have been there, bargaining with ourselves over that extra cookie or drink, thinking a gym session can erase any indulgence. This mindset, where we believe we can “offset” our indulgences with exercise, is a common trap. Some even claim they exercise solely to justify such treats. It’s worth asking: where does this belief stem from? I’ve been hearing a recurring question, […]

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EP 160 – The Kitchen Sink of Questions

Do you ever go to the kitchen sink, and find a mish-mash of dishes, glasses, cutlery and even a soggy sponge in it? Well, I’ve taken inspiration from the name of the bag of greens that I get from the market weekly and calling this show and episode, and perhaps more in the future, The Kitchen Sink of Questions! I have to give credit to Ryan Bergman of Loco Fields, that we talked to in […]

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EP 70 – Eat This: The Healthiest Diet

When everything is taken into account, the average adult will try about 126 different diets in their lifetime, according to a poll that I came across recently. That’s a lot of diets, or specific ways of eating with the hopes of reaching a goal weight, as that seems to be the number one reason for putting oneself on a crash diet. And by crash diet I mean a diet that’s far from your usual. I’m […]

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EP 68 – Eat This: Protein Powder

Picture this: walking the aisle of a supermarket, health food store, supplement shop or even big box store in the protein powder section. I just felt your energy constrict at the mere thought of scanning what’s on offer, weighing up the claims and promises and then crossing everything that you’re choosing the right one amidst the downright confusion. Those massive tubs of muscle-building, weight-loss-promising, be-healthy-faster powders can not only break the bank, but be a […]

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EP 63 – Eat This: A2 Milk

As I walk through my local natural supermarket, I often take a more leisurely stroll through the aisles to check out what’s new and different. I too get sucked in by marketing, labels saying this and that and then if it grabs me, I read the label more carefully and either choose to bring it home with me, or put it back on the shelf and chalk it up to nice try guys. One time […]

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EP 59 – Eat This: Vitamin D And Its Magic

Unless you’re living in a dark cave without sunlight and an undiagnosed situation of osteoporosis, you’ve heard of vitamin D and its importance for strong bones and teeth, and more recently, the potential impact on improving immunity. Of course, it’s best known as the vitamin to prevent rickets in children and the often bowed leg photos are from third world countries that have plenty of sunshine, so what’s up with that? There’s often a lag […]