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Eat This: Be Intentional Round Up

The mark of a new year is to reset and make resolutions, right?! At the start of this year 2022. I introduced the shift from resolutions to #beintentional over the past six weeks, six podcast episodes and six radio shows. I’ve taken you through some new ideas and concepts that I’m focusing on and as I go through my health journey, sharing and using myself as the test subject gives context that we are all […]

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Eat This: Time Management

Time… why does it seem that there’s never enough of it? After all, there are 86,400 seconds or 1,440 minutes or 24 hours in a day, and most days it’s not enough, right?! But, what would be enough? Twice that, an extra hour, I’m not sure that there would ever be enough time to do what you and I want to get accomplished. Time is the one thing that no amount of money can buy, […]

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Eat This: Movement

  Yes there’s HIIT, Zumba, Spinning, Barre, bootcamp, crossfit, boxing, rowing, cycling, gyming on your own or with a personal trainer, weight lifting with heavy weights and low reps, or high with reps with low weights, there’s pilates, yoga of which there’s bikram or hot yoga, ashtanga, hybrids and just about anything else that falls under the umbrella of movement and fitness. Oh walking, did I say walking and going for a run. Duh. Walking […]

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Eat This: Your Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, substance abuse, self harm, eating disorders, OCD and more are the mental health issues that are the norm in many people’s lives – in fact according to the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, otherwise known as CAMH say that in any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental illness or addiction problem. And by the time Canadians reach 40 years of age, 1 in 2 have—or have […]

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Eat This: Reading blood test results

We’ve all been to the doctor, sat down at their desk or stretched out on the observation table and shared how you’re feeling and what your symptoms and concerns are. Your doctor assesses them all, writes notes, maybe checks you out, does a physical exam and maybe orders some tests to see what’s not seen. It might be an ultrasound, Xray, CT scan or MRI to work as superman xray vision to see you on […]

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Eat This: The Blame Game

Why me, why her/him and not me? Why does it seem so much easier for others to lose the weight, stick to the program, to get up and go to the gym, basically anything that you see others having success in. “Why not me” is a narrative that can weigh you down, keep you stuck and hold you back from feeling incredible and having the life that you want.    Do you know what’s holding […]

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Eat This: Be intentional

A good friend of mine, once had the note on his WhatsApp as BE INTENTIONAL. As he’s a wildly successful entrepreneur and coach, that phrase has stayed with me, although I haven’t always practiced it. Rather than the start of the year resolutions, I always set intentions. What I will be working towards, what I set my sights on and then head in that direction. I’m well aware that even with the best of intentions, […]

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Eat This: Episode 100

Drum roll, cue the fireworks and marching band because this is what 100 sounds like! Chris, I feel like there should be a letter from the Queen or something! I remember listening to the first wooewoooohoooehooo and every time I hear it, I get this grin on my face that’s part enjoyment and part, I can’t believe it. From topics like sugar is evil to the vagus nerve, intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, mediterranean diet, food […]