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Lianne has shared her expertise with listeners about everything from unhealthy and healthy burgers to Back to School and New Year’s food resolutions along with the dreaded but seemingly needed cleanses that are so overwhelming you don’t know where to turn. She knows her stuff and even challenged by prominent radio hosts, she still gives tips, takeaways and makes sense of the latest study or news report that could be affecting your health.

She is a regular contributor on NewsTalk 1010. Every Friday, just after 11:00 am she chats with Jerry Agar on his daily show. He’s a tough one to convince and listeners often disagree, but the show is a fantastic mix of timely, newsworthy and relevant information and a bunch of laughs.

Lianne has also been a guest on Toronto’s 104.5 CHUM FM, 99.9 Virgin Radio and CBC Ontario Today.

Tune into this segment, when Lianne and Jerry Agar discussed artificial sweeteners. Are they bad for you? Or listen to other segments listed below.

Lianne on the Jerry Agar show:

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