Healthful Snacks Can Reduce the Feeling of Fatigue

Studies come out all the time, sometimes proving what I feel is a given. But the fact that they’re being done means that the theory needs to be proven. This headline caught my eye this past week:

“Healthful snacks can reduce the feeling of fatigue” 

My nutritionist’s brain says, um, yea. My self-brain, who often doesn’t get enough sleep, and has been known to go for something fast and more on the sweet-side, says, um yea, you’re right. Sleep is crucial to good health, as much as eating well, maybe more. Having neither brings a whole other level of concern.

The bi-line of this report in MedicalNewsToday said that replacing sugar and saturated fat with vegetables can help reduce the impact of sleep deprivation. Now that’s something to sit up and listen to. While the study proves, and I’m sure you can weigh in here too, when you’re light on sleep, you are more likely to go for sugary, processed and junk foods to give you that quick high. They talk about a lack of sleep negatively affecting your decision-making skills which can lead to poor choices. The article went onto say that as well as wanting unhealthy food–that isn’t always sugar, but included foods high in fat, saturated fat or sodium, the research showed that people were more likely to spend more money on buying snacks. That makes sense.

Every craved your favourite flavour of chips? What was going on for you when you did?

It’s interesting to notice what your cravings are when you’re tired. Sometimes if you did actually eat a higher fat food, like a spoonful of almond or peanut butter, you might find yourself satisfied so you don’t go for the pastry, cake, cookie or donut.

My go-to snack of late has been almond butter and an apple, carrot or banana. I love putting blended toasted almonds with cinnamon and coarse salt on my sweet potato (sometimes with a bit of butter). It’s a fulfilling side, snack or very fast meal when I’m totally stuck for time.

Sure there are times when a healthy snack will do and you’ll likely feel better for it, but I know as well as you do that there are also times when that sweet treat gets you through and tastes pretty good on the way down!

What’s your go-to, other than coffee, when you’re tired and know that you’ve just got to get stuff done?

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