Hangover Cures and Prevention

Here… chew on this for your hangover.

Dried. Bull. Penis.

Yes, you didn’t hear that wrong. It’s the treat that I give to my dog. 

In a list of the strangest hangover cures, Sicilians with hangovers would gnaw on a good ol’ dried bull penis. While if you’re in Las Vegas, they’re hooking you up to an IV of vitamins, liver support and hydration while driving you around the city.

(The assumption with the dried bull penis was that it restores your virility. Or perhaps your brain just eliminates the hangover as quickly as possible to stop your body from eating any more penis-jerky.)

The ancient Romans, they deep-fried a canary and scarfed it down. If you’re in Turkey, you’ll be offered tripe soup. The only one on the list that I thought had any merit was the Japanese. They eat umeboshi pickled plums. It could help restore electrolytes as it’s so salty.

Canadians eat poutine, which is a typically heavy, fried and greasy offering. The thinking that the fry up the next day will cure your hangover is misguided. That greasy meal is best consumed before you go out drinking.

Eggs are an excellent hangover cure. There’s a protein in eggs (also oats and yogurt) that helps the breakdown of alcohol in your long-suffering liver. Have some wholegrain toast with your egg, and that’ll keep your blood sugar high so you don’t crash from all the carb-rich boozing.

Alcohol is dehydrating so you have to hydrate. That’s where drinking water alongside your drink of choice is a must. I drink coconut water and it makes me feel better. I was in a store once, late on a Saturday night, and the guy in front of me at the check out had a cucumber. He said that he was going to eat the whole thing before bed and it will cure his hangover. Electrolytes and water was his reason. I might give it a go next time I have a few drinks!

This is one time that I’d suggest eating before bed. Along with another glass of water, a good dose of B Complex, vitamin C, liver support from milk thistle, and an incredible antioxidant, glutathione all help your liver. 

The morning after cures, as reported on Facebook when I asked, included:

  • bike riding – after taking an Advil
  • the homeopathic remedy called Nux Vomica
  • taking chlorella and or spirulina 
  • Juice Plus Capsules
  • essential oils
  • gatorade, banana and a freezie

Everyone has their own that helps. I have to eat salt and vinegar chips until I can eat anything else. I drink coconut water, take Physica Spectralyte (email for more info), Alkalize C and a B complex. 

I’ll be streaming a live video on Tuesday at 9:00 pm ET and share more about which drinks to choose to lessen the chance spending the next day in bed or on the bathroom floor!

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