EP 189 – H2…Oh, Hydrogen Enriched Water?

In the world of health and wellness, we can get lost in the search for a new way to take care of ourselves, only to find that the answer has been right beneath our feet this whole time. Hydrogen water is one such example of nature’s fundamental elements being used to improve our health and wellness. When there’s something new in wellness, it always gets people talking.

On EAT THIS with Lianne, they went down quite the rabbit hole into hydrogen-enriched water. To learn about its numerous benefits and why this not-so-new H2O has gained popularity among experts and enthusiasts alike.

This conversation around hydrogen water was inspired by an eye-opening chat from episode 61 with Scott from Conscious Water where they discussed some important things about water filtration systems like reverse osmosis and Berkey system – but left them curious… How else could they improve their lives through their drinking habits? And so they delved deeper into getting better quality out of the H2O we drink on a daily basis: hydrogen water! It’s a strong variant of H2O that is well known for being full of antioxidants and easy for your body to absorb. With over 1,000 peer-reviewed papers praising its therapeutic benefits in more than 170 disease models – I think it’s safe to say people got excited.

Shayne McCarthy, a seasoned advocate for molecular hydrogen who’s had over 10 years’ worth of experience spreading awareness on its benefits, had some interesting things to say about why hydrogen water isn’t just something someone made up last night. In fact, when listening, you’ll even benefit from an exclusive discount he offers listeners at AlkaViva (20% off with code EATTHIS). He explained that this isn’t just another trend. The energy-boosting properties, along with reduced recovery times, are what really make it stand out… But he doesn’t stop there. Shayne goes on further, saying, “If you don’t filter your water, you BECOME the filter for your water.”

Hydrogen water is great because it has antioxidants that most other bottles or tap water just couldn’t offer. Its ability to reduce inflammation and keep you hydrated better than regular purified water is why it’s so special. That same molecular hydrogen that makes it good for skin health and muscle fatigue recovery also balances glucose levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes. To put it simply, we’re learning about an entirely different thing called “hydrogen water” but in reality – It’s just regular H2O infused with hydrogen gas which makes its molecular concentration higher thus making it easier for you to digest… Which gives you immediate benefits on a cellular level. From weight loss all the way to immune support.

But really, what is hydrogen water? Many would argue that it’s just marketing and there isn’t such a thing… While others will explain that it’s just ordinary water, except someone added more hydrogen gas into it. Increasing the concentration of whatever “molecular hydrogen” means in order to make digestion easier and gives cells benefits right away. This process turns plain ol’ H2O into something people claim can do anything from helping them lose weight faster all the way to giving their immune systems a boost. Although many argue this point – Some even say that once exposed to air, this high amount of concentration fades away… Which they say is why you have to drink this from secure, non-permeable containers if you want any chance of reaping these results.

Alkaline vs Hydrogen Water

So we know there are many ways to treat our H20 before drinking but what about after? What if I told you alkaline isn’t the only option? According to Shane… In comparison, Alkaline purified H2O promotes healthier hydration by removing toxins, while Hydrogen purified H20 removes toxins and creates enough antioxidants needed by your body.

As always I hope this helped you learn something! Stay Hydrated!

As we finished up the episode, it was obvious that hydrogen water can give us a healthier body, but at the end of the day you should still be eating healthy and taking care of yourself.

Listeners of the podcast are in for a treat, as Shane has generously offered a special promotion: a 20% discount on products at AlkaViva, accessible with the code EATTHIS. This exclusive offer is available at both www.alkaviva.com for U.S. customers and www.alkaviva.ca for those in Canada, ensuring that our audience across North America can experience the benefits of hydrogen water firsthand. While the discount is currently set up for the Canadian site, Shane assures that the U.S. site will also honor the discount by Monday, further demonstrating his commitment to spreading the health benefits of hydrogen water.

For those eager to connect with Shayne McCarthy and dive deeper into the world of hydrogen water, you can follow his journey and access a wealth of information through his social media platforms and websites:

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