EP 176 – Dr B in The House! VOL 4

Greetings from our respective corners of the world! While I’m cozied up in my closet studio, Dr. B is chilling in his wine cellar. The only thing connecting us is the pixelated world of Zoom.

Remember when we were together? Those were the days!

We’re here once again, responding to your burning questions. You’ve been fantastic about shooting those queries our way, whether it’s via the weekly newsletter responses on liannephillipson.com and sproutright.com, through social media engagements, or comments on Episode 173 over on YouTube (which, by the way, you can find here). The response to that video? Overwhelming! We’re brainstorming about doing another one, so stay tuned.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the wisdom of Dr. Davis Brockenshire – a fan favorite, a maestro in functional medicine, and the visionary behind Innovative Health Solutions in Michigan.

If you’re a first-timer to our monthly episodes, remember you can always share your questions, and we’ll aim to tackle them in our upcoming episode.

A recurring topic that’s been buzzing around lately is injuries related to torn ligaments and tendons. A former client and aspiring Olympian, Mariah, had a rather unfortunate ACL rupture during an Olympic rehearsal in France. As she gears up to compete in the Pan American games this November, questions arise: What supplements might assist her recovery, fortify her bones and overall health? And given her stress levels and battle with IBS, how can we support her best?

Moving on, here are a few more questions:

  • Sodium levels in blood and urine – what’s the scoop?
  • The mystery of night terrors.
  • Help us decipher thyroid test results.
  • ADHD insights – what supplements or routines can benefit kids, especially with school back in session?
  • A query from Paulina: Can inflammation or perimenopause result in weight gain and nutrient malabsorption? And how can she counteract these effects?

On a related note, for those with dietary restrictions like a low-sodium diet, what’s the optimal balance between sodium intake and hydration?

Listener’s Mailbag:

  • Lianne, I’m puzzled by health tests. Which ones are crucial for an overall health snapshot before diving deep? DNA, hormones, gut biome, cortisol? How do we navigate this maze?
  • Lianne, these Q&A sessions are gold. Thank you!
  • As a 63-year-old with glaucoma and a desk job, what lifestyle tips can Dr. B offer to help manage these challenges?

A heartfelt thanks to each one of you, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned listener from the past 174 episodes. Your proactive approach to health is commendable.

If you’re enjoying our content, don’t forget to spread the word. And as we sign off, always remember, EAT THIS, one bite at a time.


  1. Wow! Another mind blowing session. I can’t thank you guys enough for these question answer sessions because I learn so much!!

    • There is so much to learn from him, from the questions that come in. I’m thrilled you’re finding them valuable. Lianne

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