EP 173 – Dr B ‘In The House’

Welcome to a truly extraordinary session of “EAT THIS with Lianne”! This special episode sees Lianne and the revered Dr. Davis Brockenshire, a luminary in the realm of Functional Medicine, uniting in one location to bring light to your burning questions in the inaugural “Ask Dr. B” segment, a series that promises to be a monthly delight for all our cherished listeners.

Even while my indomitable Executive Producer, Chris Kant, continues to operate from his established home studio (the bathroom, no less!), Dr. B and I are converging in sunny California, all prepped to dive deep into the queries that you, our treasured listeners, have forwarded. Our excitement to interact with you this way every month is immense, so keep the questions rolling in through liannephillipson.com.

To experience this incredible episode in its full glory, click here to watch the video. Among the pressing topics we are grappling with today are:

  • Tinnitus: Understand, manage, and hopefully prevent that persistent ringing in your ears, starting with pronouncing it correctly!
  • Diverticulitis: A comprehensive take on what it is, how to handle it, and strategies to prevent its onset.
  • Nutrition and Iodine: The role they play in boosting energy levels and promoting overall well-being.

Sharing her personal journey, a vibrant 58-year-old, soon-to-turn 59 in November, seeks advice on energy-boosting supplements. Having navigated menopause with minimal symptoms, she is the proud matriarch to four children and six grandkids, and has maintained a consistent home gym routine alongside a demanding job. While her current regimen includes a multitude of vitamins, she’s open to suggestions to elevate her energy levels further.

Furthermore, Chris chimes in with a vital question on optimizing the digestive and microbiome benefits of consuming steak and other meats – a topic many meat lovers would relate to!

You wouldn’t want to miss Dr. B’s reference to a poignant CBC article, which you can explore in depth here.

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Stay tuned, stay curious, and as always, EAT THIS with Lianne!

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