EP 171 – The True Benefits of Isometric Exercise with Brad Thorpe

Welcome back, fitness enthusiasts and loyal listeners of the EAT THIS with Lianne podcast! In today’s episode, we dive deep into the world of Isometric Exercise – a stationary yet intense form of exercise that’s been making waves in the fitness realm.

Any form of movement can be a mood booster. The age-old battle of “should I work out now, later, or maybe tomorrow?” is something most of us grapple with. But believe me, you’ll wish you started earlier once you begin. My personal journey led me to hire a trainer. Although it felt like a luxury, considering my hormonal roller-coaster during this perimenopause phase, the investment became indispensable to both my physical and mental well-being.

After a request from a beloved listener to delve deeper into exercise and food topics, it reminded me of our enlightening chat with world champion figure skater Kurt Browning and the Isometric training maestro Brad Thorpe in episode 108. Today, we revisit that discussion, focusing on the multifaceted benefits of different exercises and introducing you to the marvel that is Isometric Exercise.

Isometric Exercise, in essence, involves muscle contraction without joint movement, ensuring body stability. Imagine breaking a sweat, toning your body, and increasing your heart rate—all within a 30-minute window. Recent studies even tout its benefits for migraine sufferers and its potential for fat loss. Intrigued yet?

  • Dive into what Isometric Exercise truly is and explore its connection with migraines and neck strength.
  • The “cheat code” to fat loss unveiled! Plus, understand the health implications of excess body fat— from heart diseases to sleep apnea.
  • How does Isometric measure against cardio and weight training, especially when it comes to managing hypertension—a silent killer affecting 25% of the global population?
  • Concluding thoughts, tips for those wanting to try Isometric Exercise at home, and a special offer for our listeners.

Meet the Isometric Guru: Brad Thorpe
Regarded as the global frontrunner in isometric strength training, Brad boasts over three decades of experience. With his groundbreaking invention, Isophit, in 2015, he’s transformed countless lives across 33 countries. We’re thrilled to have him share his insights with us today.

Simply put, an isometric exercise is a contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. The muscle is contracted in a fixed joint position, or against an immovable object. The benefits and results have always been exceptional, but with the advent of fitness as an industry over the past 40 years and the development of weight lifting and cardiovascular machines, Isometric exercise slipped into the background.

Now, for a myriad of reasons, years of repetitive injuries and poor physical health among them, fitness experts and medical professionals are turning their attention to Isometrics with some of the most prestigious health and fitness journals in the world publishing studies that endorse isometric exercise as an exceptional route to improving muscular strength, cardiovascular function and athletic performance with minimal stress to joints, tendons, and the body’s other supporting structures. From this thinking and this growing body of knowledge, ISOPHIT was born.


Isophit is the most versatile isometric strength training system ever developed. The system is designed specifically for health, fitness, rehabilitation, and sports performance professionals and organizations that work with people who want to look, feel, and function better. Regardless of the performance goal, it all starts here.

The Isophit Strength Training System combines all of the education and equipment required to effectively harness the scientifically proven benefits of isometric strength training and includes:

Training and certification courses and supporting materials to cover Isometric assessment, corrective, prevention, and performance strategies

The patented Isophit Strength Trainer which enables the simple and safe application of an unlimited number of isometric exercises to target every joint angle and muscle length combination in the body.


Most people unknowingly have a certain amount of muscular imbalance or joint instability in their body caused by any number of reasons (age, daily activities, injuries, occupation, etc.) and have never been taught how to identify or address these areas of dysfunction

Individuals who engage in dynamic exercise or sports competition without correcting these imbalances accelerate the rate of degenerative joint dysfunction, increase muscle and joint pain, impair their athletic performance, and put themselves at greater risk of serious injury.

The Isophit Strength Training System is designed specifically to give people the tools they need to identify and correct these dysfunctions.

For more information, visit www.isophit.com

Instagram: @isophit_inventor

Special Offer!
As a token of appreciation for our EAT THIS with Lianne community, enjoy a 15% discount on Isophit products. Just use code: EATTHIS on their website: www.isophitmsk.ca.

Stay tuned, and let’s embark on another enlightening journey today! Don’t forget to check out our previous episodes, 114, 170, and 159, for more insights.

Happy listening and happy exercising!


  1. Is there more info on Brad Thorpe. Would love to look into this more but his name is a little common. How do I found out more? Is he on insta? Books?

    • Hello, the show notes post has just been updated with more details about Isophit and Brad’s website.

      He is @isophit_inventor on IG.

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