EP 166 – More Kitchen Sink Questions with Dr. Brockenshire

When it comes to our health, there are various professionals we seek for assistance. We might visit our primary care doctor, consult a naturopath, try acupuncture or osteopathy, see a chiropractor, or seek the expertise of a Registered Nutritionist like myself. In Quebec, they refer to my designation as an Ontario Nutritionist. Additionally, some medical doctors and chiropractors have ventured into the field of functional medicine, which focuses on understanding how the body functions and addresses the root causes of disease to promote overall wellness. This approach recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and provides a personalized solution tailored to their specific needs, genetic predispositions, and desires to avoid future health issues. Functional medicine experts and doctors analyze blood test results differently, considering the numbers rather than just relying on reference ranges. They take into account how various organs, such as the liver, gall bladder, and gut, work together, as any disruption in this chain of function can have widespread effects.

Throughout my years of practice since graduating in 1999, I have come to realize that achieving and maintaining good health goes beyond simply taking supplements or relying solely on dietary changes to correct deficiencies. I owe much of my knowledge to incredible mentors, including the esteemed Dr. Davis Brockenshire, who has become a favorite guest on our podcast. Dr. Brockenshire approaches health from a perspective that might leave traditional doctors perplexed. He recognizes the intricate connections between the body’s systems and functions, emphasizing the need for a skilled and comprehensive approach. As a result, our dedicated listeners have been sending in their questions for Dr. Brockenshire, and some have even made the journey to Michigan to consult him in person. Today, on EAT THIS with Lianne, we bring you round two of our “kitchen sink” questions with the renowned functional medicine expert, Dr. B.

Food, diet, lifestyle, and sleep form the foundation of our health. We are all aware of how easily these aspects can veer off track, leading to undesirable symptoms. Before delving into the listener questions, I will ask Dr. B to enlighten us on what it means to work with a functional medicine expert, what one can expect from such an approach, and why it may be worth considering.

Understanding Functional Medicine and What to Expect

Dr. B will shed light on the concept of functional medicine and what individuals can anticipate when seeking the assistance of a functional medicine expert like himself.

  • How does functional medicine differ from conventional approaches?
  • What makes functional medicine a tailored and personalized approach to health?
  • What factors does a functional medicine expert consider when analyzing blood test results?
  • How do different organs and systems in the body affect overall health?

Protecting Yourself from Skin Cancer

With summer upon us, skin cancer, particularly basal cell carcinoma, has become a hot topic. We explore what can be done to safeguard ourselves against this common form of skin cancer, which is rarely fatal but can be locally aggressive.

Rapid-Fire Questions

In this segment, we will tackle various questions in quick succession, including:

  • Three steps to reversing insulin resistance.
  • Understanding meat glue and how to identify it in the products we buy.
  • Is meat glue required to be listed on product labels?
  • How can we recognize meat glued together?
  • Is this something that could be covered in nutritionist sessions?

Questions from Bonnie:

  1. How much magnesium should I take to alleviate hot flashes and improve sleep?
  2. Why do you recommend a specific type of magnesium, and what sets it apart from others?

Question from Diane:

  1. After hearing our episode on parasites, Diane is curious about how to get tested for parasites as she exhibits symptoms that suggest their presence.

Question from Jon:

  1. Having successfully achieved weight loss through a calorie deficit and a healthy diet, Jon now aims to build muscle. He seeks advice on increasing his calorie intake without overeating. Jon shares his current calorie numbers, and we’ll provide guidance on making the transition.

Join us as we dive into these intriguing questions and provide insights that can empower you to take charge of your health journey. Remember, knowledge is the key to unlocking a healthier and happier life.

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