EP 162 – Dr B’s Kitchen Sink of Questions

In this episode of EAT THIS with Lianne, we have the pleasure of welcoming back Dr. Davis Brockenshire, a renowned functional medicine expert with over 24 years of experience. Since his first appearance on our show, Dr. B has shared invaluable knowledge, wisdom, and expertise, making him almost a co-host! Today, we’ll delve into topics such as autoimmunity, celiac disease, mold, and more. We’ll also address rapid-fire questions from our loyal listeners. So, let’s dive right in!

Over the course of numerous episodes, Dr. B has left a lasting impact on our audience, and several episodes stand out as top favorites. Our listeners particularly enjoyed the deep dive into the Vagus Nerve in episodes 86 and 88. Understanding the connection between our emotions, thoughts, and overall health has become a focal point, both for my personal growth and in my practice with clients. Additionally, episode 73 shed light on surprising aspects of men’s health, such as the effects of dropping testosterone and the telltale signs to watch out for. Moreover, Dr. B’s revelation about how pain management medications can worsen pain over time in episode 30 captivated our audience. The episodes on the effects of alcohol and coffee (episodes 30 and 53, respectively) were also highly acclaimed. Dr. B’s recommendation to consume mushrooms (episode 119) sparked an obsession among many listeners, including myself. To explore these episodes further, visit liannephillipson.com and search by episode number for show links and notes.

For those unfamiliar with Dr. B, he is an esteemed functional medicine practitioner based in Michigan, with doctors from renowned institutions such as Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic referring patients to him as a last resort. With his schedule booked months in advance, we are fortunate to have him with us. If you have burning questions, send them to me through liannephillipson.com, and I’ll compile them for future episodes. Dr. B will be answering these questions blindly, ensuring that each response is insightful and provides actionable steps.

In this episode, we address a range of topics, starting with autoimmunity.

  • Autoimmune – What is it? How do people get diagnosed? Why is the immune system confused and attacking itself? Why is it the number one health issue now? Is it reversible? 
  • Top 5 things to do to help themselves right now. 

Celiac disease, another significant topic, is explored through Lisa’s recent diagnosis at the age of 44.

  • What causes Celiac Disease?
  • How can a person have severe damage to the villi but be completely symptom-free?
  • Have I been this way my whole life and just not known it, and if so, have I done irreparable damage?
  • There is a small percentage of people in whom the villi do not sufficiently recover. What do they do then if the diet is not enough?
  • If my villi grow back can I maintain my iron levels (they were six and are now up to 18 over the last five months of iron pills) through diet, and what foods do I eat to maximize iron (meat, red in particular, leafy greens and cruciferous… what else?)
  • Does it hurt to consume gluten once in a while if you follow a gluten-free diet the rest of the time?

More questions: 

  • Mold – the topic of mold keeps coming up. Why now, what’s under that, and what can we do about it? 
  • Varicose veins – what are they, why do you get them, can you reverse them? 
  • Bone cancer – bone support for dealing with bone cancer.
  • How to help NAFLD? Next steps for people who have been diagnosed.

To conclude the episode, we engage in a rapid-fire round where Dr. B answers quick-fire questions:

  • Steam or sauna – which is best? 
  • Number one supplement that you recommend? 
  • What supplements to take before or after a workout, sauna, yoga (ASuRA), 
  • Tell us one of your recipes on the inside of your cupboard – your elixir.  

While we could continue exploring these fascinating topics indefinitely, we’ll save more for future episodes. If you have burning questions for Dr. B or me, please send them via the “Contact Us” page, and we’ll address them in upcoming episodes.

Supplements mentioned that are available for purchase on SproutRight.com:

Physica Energetics Products 

  • Holo-Plexus – binder 
  • Magnesium Bis-Glycinate – his #1 selling recommended supplement
  • NAC Forte (N-Acetyl Cystine) – take two caps to see if you feel better with mold issues (remember heavy metals can be underneath mold issues).
  • L-Glutamine PLG – for celiacs and healing the microvilli
  • Camu Camu Vitamin C powder 
  • Alka C – powerful vitamin C and minerals
  • Orion Red Light – use promo code EAT THIS for 10% off, even if they have a sale!
  • Real Mushrooms – Tremella and Reishi. Use this link and EATTHIS for 15% off your order.

For additional information on the supplements covered in this episode, visit www.innovativehealthdrs.com or search the internet for the mentioned herbs and supplements.

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