EP 157 – Eat This: Our Histamine Hero

Have you heard of histamine outside of knowing that there’s a pill called antihistamine that you see on billboards during allergy season? Well, that antihistamine tablet is to lower or block the levels of histamine that are found naturally in the body that can cause a whole host of rather unpleasant symptoms like hayfever or seasonal allergies symptoms like; Itchy eyes and nose, even the roof of your mouth, runny nose or watery eyes. It’s spring as this airs and as we record this episode, so many people are suffering with all that right now, and yes, help is on the way in a moment. 

I want to introduce you to a broader situation of histamine, a not talked enough about situation called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, that likely won’t come up in your doctors office, so listen up to all these symptoms (and there are likely more) and see if you suffere with a few or more, and if you do, this episode could fill in the missing puzzle pieces of all that you’re suffering with, and haven’t found help for yet. Other symptoms of having unbalanced issues with histamine can be waking up with one nostril blocked, and then it it either clears or switch over to the otherside. That was an a-ha for me. Sinue issues, brain fog, headaches and migraines, IBS symptoms like diarrhea and gut pain, nausea, vomitting, indigestion symptoms including heartburn, reflux, and increased stomach acid that burns in your chest. Then how about rashes, eczema, swelling, itchy skin, racing heart and and an increased pulse or heart rate and palpitations, chest pain, dizziness, tiredness and overall fatigue, anxiety, and irritability, even depression. Ladies histamine can mess up our menstrual cycles, contribute to cramping, and if you’re like me in peri-menopause, it’s feels like histamine could be at the bottom of a lot of the common symptoms like alcohol intolerance, headaches and migraines, and intense reactions to bug bites for instance, and a bunch of other unpleasant symptoms. 

So with all this, why not just take antihistamines for life if you recongnize a symptom or two that I just mentioned? Feel like you’re on holiday from your body for a bit. Tempting, I get it. Our body makes histamine and we also consume histamine from foods. Histamine produced by the mast cells, part of your immune army is important, but it’s when it’s out of balance that we end up in a mess. Taking antihistamines is a bandaid, and one that won’t serve other than possibly making things worse long term, more work for your liver and make you sleepy all day long, while you’re not itchy. Why are those immune cells called mast cells on hyperdrive, or why isn’t your body clearing it? That’s the million dollar question that my good friend and brilliant colleague, Dr Davis Brockenshire Functional Medicine Expert is here to help us figure out. This topic is a big one, so hold on tight and get ready to rewind. So today on EAT THIS with Lianne, Histamine, mast cells and allergy – what you need to know that could be life changing for you or a loved one.

Dr. B runs Innovative Health Solutions in Michigan, but speaks with patients all over the world, and as a patient (and friend) of his, his smarts and dedication to health and healing has changed lives, and today, I think he’s going to do it again as he shares more with us. Welcome back Dr. B. 

  1.  Set up histamine for us so we all get it further to the antihistamine drug… 
  2. Recap the symptoms for us, and please explain the difference with food allergy and pollen and hayfever. 
  3. Can you test for this with an allergist? 
  4. Why can some foods get you one week and not the next? Sometimes wine or vinegar hurts me behind my ears, and other times nothing at all.
  5. How does this come about? 
  6. I know that your gut health can drive this, but can you explain how and why? 
  7. What can we do about it all?

If you didn’t catch all those symptoms that I said off the top, head to liannephillipson.com to re-read or listen to this, because putting the pieces of the puzzle together for high histamine, histamine intolerance, mast cell activation syndrome or MCAS could literally save your life. An overactive immune system with your mast cells on hyperdrive is only one aspect of this situation. Then there’s the other side of the coin where your body isn’t clearing it out. Your gut is involved, your liver, and every other system and cell in your body. 

From all that Dr B shared with you, I truly hope that this opens your eyes to what could be causing symptoms that you are dealing with, and as someone who suffers with a bunch of them, this topic is one that I needed to learn more about, so thank you Dr. B. I’ll list all the supplements on liannephillipson.com and remember that you can set up a free 15 minute call with me to troubleshoot what you’re taking and dosage, and decide what from my line Take This by Lianne 

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  1. Julia Spittel

    Hello Lianne,
    Yup… Mind blown!!! Thank you for this and for Dr. B… What a mine of information!!!
    I listened again but now would like to read all again… I digest best that way!!! Is the whole transcript available or just the intro?
    Cheers, Julia

    • Hi Julia, I knew it was a mind-blowing episode! The puzzle pieces of histamine issues aren’t easy to put together. I have the script from the intro, and then the conversation unfolds. Thanks for tuning in! Lianne

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