EP 79 – Eat This: Men’s Health

I once proposed a book topic and title to my publisher, and it was about men’s health and weight loss. It was turned down before even being proposed to the ‘group’ of other editors who all weigh in on whether a book title and topic is worthy of them looking into publishing it. I felt let down on many levels. “Men don’t buy books, or enough books” was the reason. Well, then who is buying all the men’s health magazines, or watching YouTube and listening to podcasts like this? It didn’t make sense to me that a blanket statement like “men don’t buy books” meant that the information needed to be available. Ugh. I could go on, but I won’t. For now. 

There are some similarities between women’s and men’s health, but way more differences when you take into account hormones, risk factors and of course the physical differences. While the typical beer belly on a man isn’t healthy, neither is a muffin top on a woman. The same issues are at play, but with the hormonal balance driving so much of what our bodies do with what we eat, a whole episode dedicated to men and their health was needed, in my opinion.

While I do my best to speak to topics for all genders of my loyal listeners; we have talked about menopause in women, and included a bit about andropause in men in episode 60, but in this episode it’s time to focus on the men in our lives. From the bathroom to the bedroom, how to keep in tip top shape for all that you want to do in life, and not be held back by cardiovascular issues that are responsible for about 1 in every 4 male deaths. I know some guys who do think that they are invincible, and I’m all for the positive attitude, but there also needs to be some hard core attention paid to health to stay that way. 

So today on EAT THIS with Lianne – I’m going to speak with one of our favourite health experts and functional medicine expert from Innovations Health in Plymouth Michigan, Dr Davis Brockenshire, all about Men’s Health. I let him come up with what we’re going to talk about. His list included how to stay youthful, prostate health, what signs not to ignore, how ED happens, mental health, arthritis and degeneration, heart disease, and brain health. If we get to all that, it’ll be a miracle – or part 2 will shortly follow! 

Welcome back to EAT THIS with Lianne Dr B.

Ok chaps, and ladies who love them, how was that? Mind blown? Yep, ours too. 

Thank you to Dr. Brockenshire for sharing such wisdom and insight into all that you need to know about. We all have men in our lives who we want to be around, and healthy for a very long time. I hope that all he shared is the start of a new way of thinking about health. I hope that it may help with the motivation to do things differently. 

If you have more questions about anything he talked about and want more, reach out on social media on @sproutright and @liannephillipson handles. You can also send a note through to sproutright.com or liannephillipson.com and share, share, share. 

I’m so grateful that you’re here. That you invested the time to listen to all this, so thank you from me, and your body and health thanks you too. With that said – please remember to eat this, one mouthful at a time. 

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