EP 103 – Eat This: Reading blood test results

We’ve all been to the doctor, sat down at their desk or stretched out on the observation table and shared how you’re feeling and what your symptoms and concerns are. Your doctor assesses them all, writes notes, maybe checks you out, does a physical exam and maybe orders some tests to see what’s not seen. It might be an ultrasound, Xray, CT scan or MRI to work as superman xray vision to see you on the inside and what might be causing your symptoms. It might be an ECG to see how your heart is working or EEG to measure the electrical activity of the brain. Then there are the invasive tests like gastroscopy and colonoscopy so they can lay their eyes on the internal tissues. There’s some investigation that needs to be done depending on what you’re presenting with. In the vain of #beintentional, rather than waiting until you need those tests, what can a typical blood or other tests out there tell you about where you’re at and even what’s brewing that you can’t see or feel yet. As the third episode in this #beintentional series, I want to do a deep dive into the average blood test, and what it can be telling you from a holistic perspective. Think outside the predetermined reference range, which is an average and possibly ok place to be, but what do the actual numbers mean and what’s optimal? Is the reference range of vitamin B12 impacting your methylation capabilities and your overall health? Or is that vitamin D reference range really going to impact your mental health, immunity and bone strength? Well we’ve got the right guest to answer it all. 

So today on EAT THIS with Lianne, analysis of your blood test, what it can really tell you and what other tests help you #beintentional with your health as we continue the series with part 3.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear my clients say that their blood test comes back normal, and because of that their symptoms or issues are pretty much dismissed. I’ve never understood that – analysis by blood, then saying that you’re ‘fine’ when clearly you are not. Is a blood test the right test for what you’re dealing with, is it sensitive enough and telling the right story for your thyroid issues, for instance. There’s a whole lot to what is swimming in our blood, but then there’s what is in the tissues. Urine tests show what your eliminating so good for specific issues, but we tend to think that a blood test will tell us all. I’d like to say that it can tell us more than we are told. Have you ever seen your blood test results, or just got a phone call to say there’s nothing that showed up. What if you asked for it to see that your a level is actually on the border of the reference range, so in fact low, but you’re not advised what to do about it because it’s ok? 

I have some blood test results that I’ve passed to our listener favorite guest, Dr Davis Brockenshire, a functional medicine expert to help us learn more about what on earth all the numbers mean, how to ask for the right add on tests and what to do with the results. 

Dr B has graced EAT THIS with Lianne in talking about coffee; the good and the bad in ep 53, what booze does to your body ep 30, did a deep dive on mens health ep 79 and many more – the episodes are worth a search, that’s for sure. Welcome Dr B all the way from Innovative Health Solutions in Plymouth Michigan and today from his wine cellar! 

Well to help us with a deep dive, we welcome back Dr Davis Brockenshire.

So much information that was just like a chemistry lesson. You need a note pad for that one, right? Or you could reach out to Dr B at InnovativeHealth .

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