EP 101 – Eat This: Be intentional

A good friend of mine, once had the note on his WhatsApp as BE INTENTIONAL. As he’s a wildly successful entrepreneur and coach, that phrase has stayed with me, although I haven’t always practiced it. Rather than the start of the year resolutions, I always set intentions. What I will be working towards, what I set my sights on and then head in that direction. I’m well aware that even with the best of intentions, things can unfold in a way that we would have never imagined, and sometimes we end up with better than we thought possible. That is my wish for you as we head into a new year, and as I’ve had time to take stock and get my own ducks in a row, I thought we could kick off January (which is when we are recording this and it’s going out on radio) with my top ways to BE INTENTIONAL. 

There’s no finite list to this, so take what I share and run with it. You get to make your own list, and what I want to offer are ways that you may not have thought of. Some tests that you can invest in that will give you insight into your health that the usual blood test results don’t show. How can you find out if your choices are right for your body, your genetic makeup and where you’re at on your health journey. Sometimes, efforts are met with what seems as failure despite following all the rules and checking off all the boxes. Not only is it frustrating, but I believe that intentional efforts are the way to go. 

Over the next four episodes or so, I’m going to get into DNA testing again – this time not only discussing a specific option that I’ve checked out, but we are going to go over my results too. I’m going to dig into why our patterns hold us back – so take the discussion from science to mindset, and how to first recognize a pattern of self sabotage, or not taking responsibility for your actions, thinking that if no one is looking then you get away with it, and how that and other similar choices are keeping you from success. Then we are going to talk about blood tests and what’s not talked about as you get slipped your results (if you see the breakdown at all), and I’ll introduce you to a new form of testing that you may not of heard of, Thermography. 

Much to come over the next while, and it all comes back to how can you BE INTENTIONAL with your health and your life.

For today’s episode, we welcome CEO of The DNA Company, Kashif Khan to EAT THIS with Lianne.

Clearly, there is so much more to be learned about ourselves, and without more indepth understanding and knowledge, can your efforts be succssful? Sure, they could. You must have had some success at some points in yoru life. But as Kashif said, it takes years of your body trying to adapt, so what could be going on right now, or coming tomorrow? In a very intentional way, you can find out and adjust accordingly. I loved the story that he shared about his neice. It’s similar to my daughter’s story, so that certainly resonated with me. What resonated for you? 

Are you going to dive in and get a test and breakdown for yourself? EAT THIS listeners can get an exclusive deal! Visit thednacompany.com/eatthis and you’ll get $50 off your test. That would be a great way to start your BE INTENTIONAL journey. If you’re here and it’s not the start of January 2022, then you’re meant to be here no matter the date. Dive in and know that you haven’t missed a thing and your own timing to this is yours. 

Share this with friends, family and anyone who needs to hear it. So share it far and wide because you’ll never know who does until they know about it and have the opportunity to listen. 

Send me a note on social media on SproutRight or LiannePhillipson handles and please remember to EAT THIS one mouthful at a time. 

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