EP 113 – Eat This: Adaptogens

Stress. We all live it and experience high and manageable levels depending on the day or even the hour. While it sometimes feels kinda lame to say that all that you’re dealing with from high blood pressure, to aches, pains, poor sleep, even being overweight with a typical stress belly, or like me suffering from migraines all come from stress, but truthfully it’s not. The flip side of stress, no matter what your body sees as fight or flight, is resilience. Yes, your body copes better with what is thrown at it. Resilience is a great place to focus on and what I want to bring to your awareness and understanding, literally comes in a pill and powder to help you do just that. Yes, I kinda just said that there’s a magic pill for stress – well it’s actually to help you with resiliency and maintain a state of homeostasis or balance. Don’t think it’s going to solve all your problems, but can help your body adapt and activate healing properties and actions, and adapt to your life. Any small increments of support are worth knowing more about. What is this magic that I’m talking about? I’m talking about adaptogens. Plants, botanicals, and mushrooms that can help you body mitigate the effects of stress and boost your resilience. They’ve been used for centuries, so this isn’t new. Athletes use them for their overall performance and as they are plants, non-toxic, non-habit forming, and safe to use all the time, they’re also perfect for you and me who are working on easing the day to day stress of life and all it brings but just can’t seem to put all the things down. From ashwagandha to Rhodiola, maca, ginseng to reishi, and Chaga mushrooms, to is the shortlist. Then there’s Chris’s favourite name that he thought was a kid’s name when we talked about what is in my Kid and Skin Boost superfood powders in episode 109 called Shizanraberry. Talking of berries, there are those little red goji berries too. Licorice root, holy basil or tulsi, turmeric, and astragalus. Some of those you may have heard of and some might be new. Either way, we need to know more, so today on EAT THIS with Lianne, Adaptogens, what they are, what can they do for you, and how to use them in your every day to help you boost your resilience.

We’ve talked about adrenal burnout in the past in episode 72, despite talking about that situation doesn’t seem to be getting any easier for many people. Yes, eating all the right foods and taking your daily supplements as I talked about in episode 109 helps. It all does. And adding another layer with adaptogens is really worth knowing about. Today, I’ve invited a local business owner to help us start to understand the power of a few that she carries in her Giddy Yo line, as well as add it to her line of dark chocolate, so she’s someone who is good to know. Bridgitte Longshore is the founder & CEO of Giddy Yo,  and spends her days making decisions to ensure our people get the goods that help cope with life – clean simple good nutritionally dense food. And yes, she calls chocolate FOOD, not a treat. She can do that because Giddy Yo are best known for providing quality in their hand-crafted dark chocolate. She also offers next-level coffee, and a line of clean organic superfoods. Welcome, Bridgitte!

Along with these adaptogens, remember that the key vitamins for stress are vitamin C and B vitamins. You’ll find more on sprooutright.com about my Take This by Lianne Alka C and Physica Energetics Liposome B complex liquid. I also have a video on YouTube about what I do every day and that includes my Skin or Kid boost with Alka C and B complex in a glass every morning, without fail. My DNA results called out using adaptogens too, so I’ll be adding those in and see if they help head off my migraines. 

Thanks for being along on a new journey into helping to support your fine self, and as always, share this with friends, leave a comment and rate EAT THIS with Lianne so others know too that this is worth plugging into their headphones or car. Head to sproutright.com/giddyyo to enter that $200 giveaway and remember to use promo code EATTHIS for 20% off Bridgitte’s products.

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