EP 133 – Eat This: Senescence- Is this the answer to antiaging?

There’s this process that we have going on within us, whether we know it or not – it’s the process of aging and growing old. Aging gracefully, and keeping our body, our minds, memory, and brain health optimized is key to doing this getting old thing as well as humanly possible. There’s a term to do with longevity, and aging that I hadn’t heard of before, which of course has led me to do a deep dive in research and understanding. Senescence. Just the word evokes curiosity, right? Senescence literally means “the process of growing old.” It’s defined as the period of gradual decline that follows the development phase in an organism’s life and a loss of a cell’s power of division and growth. Senescence in humans starts sometime in your 20s, when you’re at the peak of your physical strength, and continues on from there for the rest of your life. The number of senescent cells increases with age, but senescence also plays an important role during development as well as during wound healing.

This state and process of becoming old is a progressive decline that some are fighting harder than others, and is likely where the Biohacking trend was born. While we think that we will end up like our parents because of our genetics, if you’ve listened to episodes 101 and 111 where we dove into my own DNA testing and results from the DNAcompany.com/eatthis, learning what our future health COULD look like holds a lot of power. And it’s not all depressing from then on as there are many ways that you can influence and dictate your future health. Diving into senescence, what are senescent cells, and of course what can we do about it, is what we are talking about on EAT THIS with Lianne, here and now. I love bringing you along to places and introducing concepts that you may not be aware of, and in this case, senescence is new to me too. So let’s dive into this one together. Joining us today is Dr. Nick Bitz, who we talked with back in episode 46 about Collagen 101. He has since moved on to put his focus into a new space from then and we are glad to have him back. Dr Nick is a licensed, board-certified Naturopathic Doctor specializing in integrative medicine working as Senior VP of Product Development at Neurohacker Collective. His areas of expertise include nootropics, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, biohacking, weight management, sleep, and Ayurveda.

His hope today is to share with you, my lovely loyal listeners his expert-level knowledge about senolytics and why they may hold the key to unlocking cellular health and revitalizing aging tissues throughout the body. You can let me know if we achieve that… welcome Dr Nick!

Ok, did that help your curiosity? I feel like I’m wiser than before we started. These things always bring up questions, I know, but this is a great place to start, right? 

To focus on antiaging some of the things that you can do:

SLEEP – yes, burning the midnight oil isn’t going to do you any good. Sleep is underrated, and after having a week myself without enough at all, my hand is up to do some sort of sleep boot camp so I’m not falling asleep at my desk. I know that I put on a few pounds this week because of it, so I’m back at focusing on my BrainTap before bed, taking my Reishi along with Magnesium bis-glycinate to help calm the nervous system and improve your sleep cycle

Next, keep up those antioxidants to help protect cells – KID BOOST was created to keep your cells behaving like they were when you were a kid, so this is the perfect superfood powder to use here. Mixed with my Alka C for cellular healing and protection, and the powdered minerals like zinc which up the anti on oxidative and physical stress that comes everry day. 

Dr. Nick mentioned Black garlic, which I chop up and add to my mushrooms with every meal. A friend called it crack, so know that once you start having it, no meal will be complete without it. 

Curcumin is something that I take every day, BioACurcumin is the one I take daily.

Delve into those mushrooms that I talked about in episodes 131 and 132, my order just arrived to try out Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga, I’ll let you know how all that goes in another episode. 

Get those adaptogens in. This morning I had ashwagandha tea as well as my capsules, remember that we talked about in episode 113? There’s Rhodiola, as well as ashwagandha, and what I’ve been taking is called HPA Axis which is a Physica product which can help moderate your stress or burnout. 

And last but not least, your gut health is imperative here too. Prebiotic foods like chicory root, legumes, pulses and beans, onions, leeks and garlic, greens like spinach and dandelion greens, apples, blueberries, chia seeds, and even dark chocolate all feed the probiotics if you’re taking a supplement like my Take This by Lianne Bio Boost over on sproutright.com, prebiotics give those good bugs a longer life. 

I’ve had a few lovely emails from my loyal listeners, so thank you. I’m thrilled to hear that you’re loving the content in the podcasts and that it’s helping to uplevel your health journey and that you’re taking charge of your own health. Please rate, subscribe and share this podcast as everyone needs to know about senescence and send me a note to tell me how you’ve been impacted by this podcast on social media; sproutright and lianenphillipson handles, or send an email through liannephillipson.com or sproutright.com and I will reply! Thanks for being here, thanks to Dr. Nick and Chris for your production magic, and most of all, thank YOU for listening, and as always, remember to EAT THIS one mouthful at a time. 


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