EP 24 – Eat This: Self Care With Food

Is eating really a form of self-care? And how can we use food to slow down and appreciate what we have? You’ve seen the social media post declaring that stressed spelled backwards is desserts so that makes eating all the treats a form of self-care somehow right… right?! I tell you to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day and that’s good for your mind and body, but what about that TV commercial where everyone looks happy, loved and like they have it together and they’re eating the latest and greatest food to hit supermarket shelves. Well, my friend, there’s a lot more to talk about when it comes to self-care in general, but of course with a focus on food. 

This is the first of two special editions of Eat This with Lianne where we’re gonna go there. Some might think I’ve gone all WOO on you, but no. I’m doing this as much for me, as for you. More on that later. In today’s episode, that I’ll call part 1, I’m featuring an interview with Gayle Maree, a master mood coach and spiritual counsellor. We are going to get to know her take on everything self-care, healing, and wellness—plus I ply her for some take-home strategies that you can start applying today!

So today on Eat this with Lianne…Self-Care and Food! We’ll talk about caring for your body and mind as it applies to food, and some of my favourite recipes that give me a lift for when I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Self-care talk is everywhere these days. I remember when it was first introduced into our culture a few years ago. Everyone wanted to talk about self-care, whether it was meditation, yoga, long baths, long walks, or lighting candles. It became the ‘thing’ to do, and of course had to be ‘scheduled in’ because of our busy lives. And don’t get me wrong, I love all of those things. I especially love taking long walks and being in nature, because it really helps me to feel calm and ground myself. I’ve had to do that a lot during our time quarantine and more so with all of the things going on around the world. With my business being completely online, it’s hard to shut that off, and so taking a break from work by physically moving and getting out has turned from being helpful to essential.

At the same time, I do believe we’ve gotten self-care wrong as a culture. There’s this idea of self-care that is more about self-indulgence rather than feeling centered and taking care of yourself. It’s tossed around so much these days we have kind of forgotten what it really means. I think a lot of companies, brands, and organizations use the whole idea of ‘self-care’ as a way to get you to buy more of their stuff and more of their products! Because you can’t meditate if you don’t have the right pillow, or the gear… or can you? 

Self-care is sometimes hard work, too. It’s not just about shutting off and escaping the world—like indulging in long baths or binge-watching a show on Netflix. It’s really about embracing the world, in many ways. It’s about reflecting on yourself and what needs to be looked at, maybe making change so that you can find your way forward from a place that you’re feeling stuck.  

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty wiped out. My self-care further to my morning walks, yoga and meditation wasn’t happening. And my hour long walk every morning with my dog became more of a mission… I’d think about what I was going to listen to as I brushed my teeth and drank my morning lemon water. I’d choose an inspiring podcast, audio book or replay from a Summit Conference that I couldn’t attend live. I was taking it all in through my headphones as I walked. Anywhere I walked, I’d be focused on what was coming in my ears instead of what was around me.

Well that was until I spoke with someone about feeling really disconnected with myself. And I was wondering why everything felt like such a struggle and things just weren’t coming together. My memory was not retaining the simple things and I’d have to rest after an hour long Zoom meeting with a client. I wondered what on earth was going on. Well it turns out it’s the self care that wasn’t going on. My distraction, feeling like I had to keep going, keep on producing, being productive, couldn’t or wouldn’t rest came crashing down on me. It wasn’t until I started the REHAB series of the past episodes that I realized that I was eating at my desk, the exact thing that I was telling you NOT to do. Well I stopped that, and I also stopped listening to ANYTHING on my walks. I started taking breaks after meetings, sloooowing down with all that I put on myself. And it has started to help. So I guess that was the motivation for this episode. I figured if I’m feeling this way, there could be one or two of you out there who might be feeling the same.

Gayle Maree

Gayle overcame decades of limiting beliefs about success and weight to live a life she had only dreamt about. She spends her time between USA and Australia (home to their 7 grown children and Natural Health Clinic) and conducts workshops all over the world with husband of 30 years, Allan; helping purpose-driven women shed their old patterns and beliefs to manifest the happiness they truly deserve.

People are attracted to Gayle for the high energy, intuitive insights and deep wisdom; and for the powerful transformation they gain through 6D Mood Mastery.

Gayle is a Spiritual Counselor, Mother, Entrepreneur and Eternal Optimist. She is co-author of 6 Dimensions of Healing© with husband and Spiritual Soulmate Allan Herring

Website: https://www.6dimensionsofhealing.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/6dimensionsofhealing
Instagram: https://instagram.com/6dgaylemaree
Twitter: https://twitter.com/6dgaylemaree
Youtube: https://youtube.com/gaylemareeh

Alright, let’s get to my interview with Gayle, who kindly woke up early in her Queensland, Australia home to speak with me about self-care, relationships and food. Here is a quote from Gayle that really stood out to me:

“You’re not happy by chance, it’s a process that takes practice and the advantages are life-changing.”

Gayle has also put together a free Eat This Mindset Package for my listeners, sign up here.


I promised you some of my go-to recipes when I’m feeling down in the dumps, and they’re always something simple because I’m not a stress eater. My appetite goes out the window when I’m not feeling great. 

  • First, a banana and almond butter. It’s a no-fuss fast snack or even breakfast that I can stop and enjoy even if I’m not feeling very hungry. 
  • My six minute self-care bowl is my next go-to. The whole thing takes under 10 minutes. I boil water for my egg and while that’s happening, I fill up a bowl with any greens (like spinach, baby kale, or lately watercress and arugula). I sprinkle on hemp seeds, squeeze half a fresh lemon on it, drizzle with olive oil and a splash of truffle oil. Some coarse salt and fresh ground pepper. After 7 minutes when the egg is done, I run it under cold water, peel it and split it in half over the bowl of greens. And that’s it, I’m done. 

What I’d like you to do is sit for a moment and feel. Get out of your head with all that thinking you do all day long… and feel. It’s a challenge at times, and as Gayle shared, it’s something to practice, so don’t give up. And the next time you think that something in the fridge or pantry is going to soothe you, do this again. Honouring how you feel in the moment is what I believe is the ultimate self care. 

Phew, that went deep. I didn’t quite expect to share all of my story with you, but I hope that it helps you in some way now that I have. It’s ok not to be ok, and while it might look like or sound like I’ve got it all figured out, NOPE. So take what sticks from this episode and forget the rest.

Pass it on though, because we really don’t know how people are doing from the outside, and someone you share this with might need to hear something that I said or Gayle did.

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  1. Thank you for such a great episode and post! Self care is so important for all areas of your life.

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