EP 142 – Eat This: Real Mushrooms

At times there are fads, trends, and must-tries that fly around the internet and social media and come up in conversations with friends and colleagues. Remember the Unicorn craze, followed by charcoal in everything –  Black ice cream, lattes, burger buns, bagels, and waffles. Let’s be clear, that kind of trend isn’t one that truly up levels your health, and thank goodness it hasn’t stuck around. Healthy efforts, ways, and supplements can go from your periphery to front and center at times, and one of those for me of late has been mushrooms. I’m going to guess that it has for you, too, if you’ve been listening for a while. I’ve dedicated three podcasts and shows to the world of fungi and their far-reaching benefits to just about every aspect of our health. My interest was piqued when Functional Medicine Expert, Dr. Davis Brockenshire, mentioned in episode 119 about why people are having a hard time losing weight; he said it has to do with stress and the microbiome and suggested eating about 3 lbs of mushrooms a week! So I added them more and more into my diet over a month or two and tried out some capsules, powders, and tinctures to see their effect. While I know that eating the chanterelles, lion’s mane, cinnamon caps, oyster, portobellos, matariki, and shiitakes that I eat weekly are helping my gut microbiome, taking the powders and capsules is when I really felt the effects. My perimenopausal foggy and forgetful brain eased, and I started to feel like I could hold a thought longer. My concentration and focus improved. My nightly teaspoon of reishi powder in my Bengal Spice tea to wind down helped me sleep.

A few weeks ago, I knew I was coming down with something, so I dosed up with my Take This by Lianne Sunshine D3+K2 and took more Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane had acupuncture, and nothing materialized. I was relieved. I’ve teased you here and in my weekly newsletters that go out every Friday that I would share a product once I found one that I tried out and felt that it ticked off all the boxes of what I want in a powder or capsule. What I found is a company very simply called Real Mushrooms. Dr. Brockeshire introduced me, so I knew that if he recommended them, I was in good hands. But me trying them isn’t enough. I want to know more, understand the products, and know their practices and the overall integrity of the company. So today, on EAT THIS with Lianne, the founder of Real Mushrooms, Skye Chilton, who grew up around mushrooms and is now one of the leading providers of functional mushroom extract products.

I realize that I may have a few too many supplements sitting on my counter, that spill over into the kitchen drawer, that then from time to time move to the hall cabinet container as I work through different products. Sometimes I need something different, or I want to try something new, or I do not feel that I need it any longer – it has done its job. I talked about my Take This by Lianne supplements in episode 109 and mention various ones throughout each episode, so I understand any resistance to adding any more to your protocol. I’m not trying to get you to buy more but to help you know more about quality products if and when you want to add mushrooms to your regime. 

If you want more information about each mushroom, head back to episodes 131 and 132 and let me share a bit about Skye and his background in the fungi world. 

Skye grew up around mushrooms as his father is the founder of Nammex, the leading supplier of organic mushroom extract ingredients to the supplement and nutraceuticals industry. At an early age, Skye was out in the woods foraging mushrooms with his family and was put to work helping out in the family business.

But only recently did Skye reconnect with mushrooms after taking control of his health and well-being. Over the past seven years, Skye has worked hard to educate consumers, influencers, and practitioners about the differences in fungal-based products and what to look for when it comes to quality. I’ll let Skye fill in the rest of his story as we welcome him to EAT THIS with Lianne.

There you have it, folks. I’m excited for us! To find a supplement that is organic, clean and won’t have a recall down the road makes me feel better about mixing up my powders into my Take This By Lianne Kid Boost, Liposome B Complex, and Alka C with a healthy dose of Collagen liquid. My morning drink gets more supercharged by the day! For more, head to liannephillipson.com/realmushrooms, and for Canadians, check out Real Mushrooms store on Amazon or realmushrooms.com purchase and use EATTHIS code at checkout for 10% off.

Realmushrooms.com is a hub of information and I just received a list of 29 recipes of what to do with my powders. I’m going for it. The site is a wealth of information for you of education and how-to’s. 

What is your experience so far? I want to hear. Reach out on sproutright or liannephillipson handles. Sign up for my newsletter to find out the TAKE THIS by Lianne Black Friday sale coming up – it only happens once a year and I’ll announce in my newsletter first.

About Skye

Skye is the founder of Real Mushrooms, one of the leading providers of organic functional mushroom extract products verified for active compounds and free from grain fillers. Real Mushrooms is based on education and strives to ensure their products are analyzed for important active compounds and consistent with the existing body of functional mushroom research. 

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  1. Enjoyed tonight’s show, but had a question….what do you call a mushroom that buys all the drinks? A “fungi” to be with! Was a great show, glad I stumbled upon it! Marc in Pembroke, On

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