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I have an enquiring mind. I want to know why… why this pain happens, why that symptom shows up and where did it all start? I’m fascinated by health and the human body. Since I started my career in nutrition in the late ‘90’s I have always consulted with clients one-on-one, doing a deep dive into their health issues, the symptoms that are affecting their quality of life and guided them on their health journey, which can be more of a windy road than straight line from symptom to saying YOU ARE HEALED – remember that from some TV show in the 80’s?

In my early 20’s I worked on massive cruise liners and sailed around North America. Back then, before I studied nutrition, I guess what you’d call my first career, was Beauty Therapy. That included massage, aesthetics and so I specialized in skin issues and did facials, helped clients with their scarred, congested skin of their face, chest and back, and removed unwanted hair with electrolysis. I also trained in aromatherapy and reflexology and worked with many different skin care companies. I was fascinated by the different symptoms that people had from skin issues, to sore backs, joints and wherever else something would show up. I wanted to know where it all started and why. Mapping out the whole body on the feet with reflexology was super cool. I did extra specialty courses and had my mind blown when focusing on fertility, pregnancy and birth ended up in clients getting pregnant, and going into labour easily and without being induced.

Then after treating hundreds of bodies on cruise ships, like 11 people a day when at sea, I realized that all that I was doing on the surface; like helping acne, dull skin, wrinkles, ageing and even scarring was on the outside. The aches, pains, stiffness, of so many people who I massaged, had to get some relief from more than regular massages. I hit a crisis point in my own health, with very painful wrists, hands and arms from overwork and knew there had to be another way. I landed in nutrition, knowing that the most basic thing that we do each and every day, multiple times a day, is EAT. And my enquiring mind though that if the food we eat isn’t right, then how could our body survive without all the issues and symptoms that I had seen.

That’s the journey of how I started focusing on food. Bringing all my previous experience with me, and now having two kids, focusing on growing families as my family has grown, here I am over 20 years later talking to you on this podcast.

You’ve heard me mention my clients. The trusting people that seek my help and want to work together to improve their life in some way. Whether that’s more energy, better sleep, putting on weight, or losing it, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, or stop their cycle of food cravings that run their day, I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their habits and health. With the last three episodes being about nutrient deficiencies and how they could be showing up for you, I thought doing a live consultation to see how it all comes together was a good end to this ‘series’, if we want to call it that. I mentioned in episode 37, that if there was some willing guinea pig, I actually think that I said, who would be willing to come on and do a live consultation, reach out.

Well Today on EAT THIS with Lianne, the real life of Roseanne, in all it’s healthy, unhealthy glory and all the in between. How her life and lifestyle challenges shape her eating choices and most importantly what can she do about it all to reach her health goals.

Welcome, Roseanne to EAT THIS with Lianne. Thank you for reaching out on Twitter and being brave and vulnerable enough to share with Chris and I, and listeners of this episode. 

I have some details here, that you’re 46, current height is 5’5’’ and you’re 255lbs. 

To start, tell me what your health goals are and then we will get into your symptoms. 

Live discussion with Roseanne… 

Because of Roseanne’s symptoms that she discussed (I do know of more than was brought up in this episode):

  • Itchy areas of her body that touch her waistband, in creases of her knees, elbows, bra strap and underwear. 
  • Explosive diarrhea multiple times a day that doesn’t seem to have any correlation to food. It seemed to start in March and correlated with going back to work after two weeks of vacation, going back to her stressful job and COVID really hitting the world. 
  • She wants to get back to basics and improve her food choices. 
  • Tiredness when she eats a sugary food or a carbohydrate like ice cream or pasta. 
  • Randomly swelling fingers that once had something to do with hydration, but doesn’t now. This showed up in 2012. 

She has had multiple surgeries and her weight has fluctuated by 50 to 100lbs at times in her life. The two weight loss surgeries and skin removal surgeries have happened over the years. 

Throughout my consultation and intake of Rosanne’s diet and lifestyle, the place that I want to start with adjusting her diet is to see the impact of dairy to start. While a few of her symptoms don’t necessarily point to dairy, starting here will help to see what it’s impact is, and see what is leftover. I also suggested that she increase the amount of colourful fruits and vegetables in her diet, and find more consistency to her meals. I haven’t touched the wine yet, but that will come as her liver is dealing with a lot–the 4-5 coffees a day as well as two glasses of wine in the evening. One step at a time, one mouthful at a time. 

Moving forward, I will do a deeper assessment with her and recommend some gut supportive probiotics (my Bio Boost to start), as there could also be a fungal component, also called Candida, especially with the issues that show up when she eats sugar. It’s likely that Olive Leaf Intrinsic will be needed to balance out the gut microbiome, along with Wild Bear Garlic. I’ll wait to see the effect of removing dairy first, and move on from there. 

Thank you so much to Roseanne for sharing her health and aspects of her life with us. I hope that what she shared helps you to know that you aren’t alone in what you’re dealing with, and show that there is hope. Hope to feel better, that you don’t have to live with your aches and pains, or your gassiness, weight and that with support, the journey can feel easier and lighter, with accountability and collaboration in getting to the bottom of what symptoms you’re dealing with. 

Stay tuned for more with Roseanne as she has chosen to work together and picked a consultation package from the three that I offer. 

This is a step-by-step process and as many of my clients in the past have, creating new habits, those that support the body and it’s processes, not hinder it is a focus now for Roseanne. Let’s see how this unfolds together.

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