EP 108 – Eat This: Isometric training

We all may have done it, got inspired about working out, joined a team sport, put on a fitness app, and have someone tell you how long to ride or cycle for. Or you hit the gym thinking that you’ll just lift a few weights and use the machines as you did when you were younger and poof, your beach bod – or bod that fits into the other half of the clothes in your closet, that it will magically reappear…But what happens when you get injured because you forgot your form or the impact of running all those years ago doesn’t seem to agree with you anymore. But, you know you need to build up your strength, your muscle mass to amp up your metabolism and keep you from hearing the diagnosis of osteoporosis from your doctor. We’ve talked about the importance of exercise as one of the aspects of overall health, both for your body and mind, but what about those sore joints, and those areas of your body that let you know that things have changed and it’s time for a change in how you exercise. We touched on the different decades and appropriate exercises in episode 105 about how to be intentional with movement, and as I was researching for that episode, I came across an exercise that caught my attention. It’s not new, in fact it’s old, but apparently is now new again. What does that mean? It means, no matter what is going on with your health, aches, pains, strains, or injury, you can intentionally move your body with less risk of injury from jumping up and down, dynamic, movement-based exercise. As I often do, I’ve found an expert, well two in this case, to speak with about not only isometric exercise, but how we can all get into this easily at home. With the list of pros including; build muscle strength, lower blood pressure, strengthen tendon and bone, reduce muscle pain, improve sports performance, accelerate fat loss, AND save time, I thought we needed to know moore. So today on EAT THIS with Lianne, isometric exercise that doesn’t involve jumping, running, or any movement, and the success of an iconic Canadian Olympic and World athlete and this way of exercise rehabilitated him and saved his body.

I don’t know about you but when I feel strong in my body, my mind follows suit. I’m able to get through the day with more ease, less aches, pains, and stopping because I’m stiff or sore somewhere. And I have more energy. Making exercise a priority often feels like yet another thing to do, but I have yet to come across someone who says they feel worse off for it. Well, that’s unless they injure themselves or have worked a muscle group they haven’t worked for a while like their legs, and sitting down on the toilet for two days after, just hurts, no matter how much arnica is taken before or after, magnesium topped up, or how long of an epsom salts bath you lay in. The DOMS or the build up of lactic acid puts me off hitting the gym hard, I can tell you. I’m still doing my yoga and that’s suiting me but I do need more muscles, I know that. So let’s see at the end of this interview with Brad Thorpe and Kurt Browning, olympic skater and 4 time world champion, if this is going to get me off the yoga mat to try something new. 

Brad Thorpe is considered by many to be the world’s leading expert in isometric strength training with over 29 years of experience in the fitness and performance industry. He’s a serial entrepreneur, multi-patented inventor, educator and sincr he launched his invention, Isophit in 2015, his methods have helped transform the lives of thousands of people across 25 countries. And if Brad isn’t enough of an accomplished guest, we also welcome Kurt Browning. He’s a Canadian figure skater, choreographer and commentator, Kurt is a four-time World Champion, represented Canada in three Winter Olympics and Canadian national champion, and we will hear his experience with isometric exercise. 

I like the sound of the specifics of lowering blood pressure, not being sore after a workout and that it could reduce my muscle pain too. While I may not give up my yoga, I’m game to give this a go. I’ve been rocking my planks of late, so I have that bit of experience with isometric exercise, so let’s see what happens. I’ll keep you posted! 

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All that’s left to say is please remember to eat this one mouthful at a time.


Isometric exercise is certainly not new…but it is most definitely new again! After years of limited results and cumulative injury with dynamic, movement based exercise, exercise physiologists, personal trainers and a host of academic and medical journals are reawakening interest in isometric exercise as not only the safest, but the most effective form of exercise available.

Simply put, an isometric exercise is a contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. The muscle is contracted in a fixed joint position, or against an immovable object. The benefits and results have always been exceptional, but with the advent of fitness as an industry over the past 40 years and the development of weight lifting and cardiovascular machines, Isometric exercise slipped into the background.

Now, for a myriad of reasons, years of repetitive injuries and poor physical health among them, fitness experts and medical professionals are turning their attention to Isometrics with some of the most prestigious health and fitness journals in the world publishing studies that endorse isometric exercise as an exceptional route to improving muscular strength, cardiovascular function and athletic performance with minimal stress to joints, tendons, and the body’s other supporting structures. From this thinking and this growing body of knowledge, ISOPHIT was born.


Isophit is the most versatile isometric strength training system ever developed. The system is designed specifically for health, fitness, rehabilitation, and sports performance professionals and organizations that work with people who want to look, feel, and function better. Regardless of the performance goal, it all starts here.

The Isophit Strength Training System combines all of the education and equipment required to effectively harness the scientifically proven benefits of isometric strength training and includes:

Training & Certification courses and supporting materials to cover Isometric based assessment, corrective, prevention, and performance strategies

The patented Isophit Strength Trainer which enables the simple and safe application of an unlimited number of isometric exercises to target every joint angle and muscle length combination in the body.


Most people unknowingly have a certain amount of muscular imbalance or joint instability in their body caused by any number of reasons (age, daily activities, injuries, occupation, etc) and have never been taught how to identify or address these areas of dysfunction

Individuals who engage in dynamic exercise or sports competition without correcting these imbalances accelerate the rate of degenerative joint dysfunction, increase muscle and joint pain, impair their athletic performance, and put themselves at greater risk of serious injury.

The Isophit Strength Training System is designed specifically to give people the tools they need to identify and correct these dysfunctions.

For more information visit www.isophit.com

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Brad Thorpe is considered by many to be the world’s leading expert in isometric strength training. A serial entrepreneur, multi-patented inventor, and educator. Brad has over 29 years of experience in the fitness and performance industry. In 2006, Brad became the 21st specialist to hold the combined designations of a Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Level Specialist and Muscle Activation Techniques Certified Specialist. Since launching Isophit in 2015, Brad’s methods have helped transform the lives of thousands of people across 25 countries. Isophit family members include the US Army, rehab clinics, spas, fitness businesses, sports organizations, exercise enthusiasts, and a Zombie. Yes, a Zombie. 

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