EP 107 – Eat This: Be Intentional Round Up

The mark of a new year is to reset and make resolutions, right?! At the start of this year 2022. I introduced the shift from resolutions to #beintentional over the past six weeks, six podcast episodes and six radio shows. I’ve taken you through some new ideas and concepts that I’m focusing on and as I go through my health journey, sharing and using myself as the test subject gives context that we are all in this together. For my DNA testing for instance, I’m going to share those results on an upcoming episode with the hopes that the other ways of coming at health helps you to think outside the norm of what’s offered in your doctor’s office and what you find on the internet. There are rabbit holes after rabbit holes to dive deep into, and I do believe that one of my gifts are to be able to drill down to what you need to know in a bite size way, so you cut to the chase faster and know how to move forward. That’s what I’ve done for over 23 years as a registered nutritionist and what I bring to this podcast and radio show every week. 

So today on EAT THIS with Liiaanne, a round up of the past six episodes, the highlights if you will, so you can either be reminded of what we talked about or if this is your first listen, hear what you need to go back to with a note book as we round up the six part #beintentional series.

Not a new concept to EAT THIS, DNA testing is something that we’ve talked about a few times, and my discussion with Kashif Kahn, in episode 101, founder and CEO of The DNA Company was particularly interesting. As he talked about his niece and her mental helath struggles, it validated my thinking that my daughter’s struggles – that she talked about in episode 104 could show up in a DNA test and we could end up on a different and more successful trajectory. 

To talk about the more emotional spiritual aspect and how to be intentional with your thoughts about just about everything, episode 102, we spoke with intuitive coach, Carolyn Monden. She’s the person who has supported me through one of the most stressful times in my life, and has helped me grow more than I thought possible. I am grateful for how she lovingly kicks my butt with perspective that makes so much sense, I hear what she says and then I put down a lot of my stress and worries. It’s fascinating to observe the mind and that constant ticker tape of thoughts that often aren’t serving us and frankly just get in our way. I know I see it in myself and others, but the only person that I need to focus on is me. And that has a ripple effect like a stone thrown in the water, and impacts others. Here’s one of my favourite parts of that episode. 

Ah Dr Brockenshire, a listener faviourite who never fails to disappoint on sharing concepts that blow us away. In episode 103 he took us through how to interpret your blood tests further to the reference ranges that are on the results. Can you say mind blown?!  

Then I had my most favourite guest on episode 104, my daughter Hadley. She is so incredibly brave and finds purpose in sharing her mental health and experience with mental illness. I learned that she has been made fun of at school after her last hospital admission and you know, mama bear was triggered big time, but I know that this is her journey and her experience so I stood down. She’s tough as nails, brave as hell and I couldn’t be more proud of how she shares her story with us. 

One of the most popular ways to be intentional in the new year is to hit the gym. Episode 105 was a dynamic discussion with personal trainer Samantha Montpetit-Hyunh and I loved how she shared the best kinds of exercise for your age. I know as a 50-year-old perimenopausal woman, that running as I used to do at least three days a week isn’t what gets me going anymore. I’ve surprised myself with getting into yoga and that’s my go-to now. Here’s Sam sharing some of her genius. 

And last but not least in episode 106, how to be intentional with your time. I’ve been struggling with not feeling like I have enough time of late, so I turned to Clare Kumar, productivity coach and she went through her eight productivity table stakes that and I love how she tied in how eating well is interrelated; there was mindset with that daily check-in and checking in on your dedication to self. Sleep and rest were next, how you can feed your cells and how you can’t feed a Ferrari with Frito lay. Then movement, the importance of light and the amount of sunlight we need, the extra vitamin D from my TAKE THIS Sunshine D3+K2 and the Orion red light and NIR light I’ve been using that myself and with my daughter for healing and mental health. Quick reminder to use promo code EAT THIS on OrionRLT.ca for 10% off the light of your choice. The last few were comfort as in ergonomics, attention management and how you use your devices, and last but not least, connection. Man have we all been needing more of that.  

To wrap all this up, with all the suggestions of things you can do to help yourself and be intentional with your health, I’d like to finish off the series with an invitation and propose a new resolve, something that’s woven into each episode but maybe not called out 100% and it’s the most powerful one of all. Set your highest intention of loving yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love who you are, all your flaws, lumps bumps, and just where you are without judgment. You, me, Chris, and all my guests are a work in progress and the work is never done. One thought at a time, one mouthful at a time, be in each and every moment as it unfolds. Not easy I know, but the concept is simple. Those mindset shifts to more positive only attract more positive energy as we talked about with Carolyn in ep 102. So no matter what you choose to focus on and set your intentions towards, know that it starts with how you feel about yourself. Better days are ahead and while we all want to wake up to another tomorrow, thank your fine self for the incredible person that you are, right here right now. 

That’s a wrap for this series. I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’ve gained from this series, I’m always interested to know. Reach out on social media, you’ll find me on liannephilliipson and sproutright handles on all platforms, send a note through either of my sites, subscribe to this podcast and my weekly newsletters, there’s so much more to come in the next episodes that you will LOVE. As we wrap this up, I’ll say as I always do, please remember to eat this one mouthful at a time. 

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