EAT THIS – Food Trends for 2018

It’s that time of year when lists are compiled of what our next year in food will look like. I’ve checked them all out and below are the food trends I’d like to see all of us focus on in 2018.

Out With 2017

Charcoal – From ice cream to smoothies, tacos to pizza, charcoal seemed to be the craze that was going to solve all your detox and crappy eating worries. Well, it wasn’t a keeper. And it isn’t the cure-all that it was heralded to be. It really is most useful to soak up excess poisons and medicines in the case of overdose. Sadly, not helpful for the binge-a-thon of rum and cokes you had to ring in the New Year.  

Meal Kits – I think this trend is here to stay in 2018. Meal Kits bridge the gap between slaving over a hot stove with your recipe books and feeling guilty about standing in the takeout line or having the pizza guy turn up at your door for the fifth time this week.

Insects As Food – I haven’t jumped on this bandwagon, I have to say. I might muster up baking with a flour de insect, but I’m really not sure about getting a deep-fried grasshopper leg stuck between my teeth.

Calories On Menus – I have heard time and time again that the calories listed on menus have influenced the choice of what’s ordered from the menu. I think it also shows the hidden calories in salads dripping in dressing, for instance. Long may it continue.

In With the New Trends in 2018

Plant-based Diet – We knew it was coming with the mention of a change to Canada’s Food Guide and a plant-based diet leading the headlines. This is one I hope will come into fashion for all. I know not everyone will subscribe to it, but there is a movement towards eating more plants, which is always better. We just have to find ways for all to get on board.

Mushrooms – From functional mushrooms to mushroom coffee, these fungi could help our constant situation of stress, support cancer treatment and help detox more than the charcoal. Where bone broth has become a staple for many, mushroom broth of chaga, reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane could be your next go-to.

Matcha – I’ve talked about the powerful antioxidant and energy boosting benefits of matcha tea in the past. It could have more of a cool factor now that celebs like Drake have invested in Matchabar in New York City, and are rolling out bottled matcha tea.

Tea of a Different Kind – Fermented tea or Kombucha continues the movement towards better gut health with probiotics. With restaurants and even Starbucks testing out their own kombucha drinks, this fizzy, slightly beery-tasting tea could be here to stay.

Fat – Yes, that dreaded food group that you’ve tried to avoid, or have just written off when choosing your yogurt because this week it could be ‘bad’ again. Trans fats will never end up on a to-eat list, but saturated fat from six percent fat yogurt, full-fat milk and cheese, good fats from nuts, seeds and fish and monounsaturated fat from avocado and olive oil all have a place in our daily diet.

Powdered Superfoods – With the smoothie and smoothie bowl still a staple for many, adding powders to increase the health punch could become our new craze. I already add extras like maca root powder to my smoothies, and now it could become a staple in foods and drinks for all.

No matter what the trends of 2018, making healthier choices with what you put on your plate and in your mouth will never go out of fashion.

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