EP 71 – Eat This: A Buffet of our Best

This week as we approach 100k downloads of EAT THIS with Lianne, we’re doing a tasty buffet of some of the best of the last 70 episodes (and because Lianne took a much-needed week off).

If you’re a NEW consumer of Eat This with Lianne, we know of hard it can be to go back and catch up o ALL 70 episodes of nutritional and informative goodness.

So…we’ve done some of the work for you!

On this episode, we have pulled some tasty and knowledgeable clips from a few of our earlier shows. Please pull up a chair to the buffet and be informed, be entertained … go ahead and gorge yourself on the brain-tickling tidbits that are The Eat This with Lianne Podcast!

I know sitcoms do flashbacks so why can’t we do it too? Chris took the helm this week and compiled some of our most listened to and educational clips that if you don’t want to listen to a whole episode, you can dive right in here. First up is what collagen does for you with Dr. Nick Bitz of YouTheory. Then our favourite expert – Dr. B on the number one drug in the world—coffee, and its benefits with Dr. Davis Brockenshire. A flashback to the start of isolating last year, and some of the best (and worst) dinners that my lovely loyal listeners and community have made – oh, and my bad dinner habit at times when I need a dinner rehab episode! And last but not least, Jason Persaud @CoachJay talks about drainage, detoxification, and bathroom habits like constipation and diarrhea from episode 55. It is a MUST listen. 

To listen to our appetizer episode and wet your whistle on what you might have missed in the past, search EAT THIS with Lianne on Spotify, iTunes, newstalk1010.com, your iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Click on the links above too! 

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