Eat This: Episode 100

Drum roll, cue the fireworks and marching band because this is what 100 sounds like! Chris, I feel like there should be a letter from the Queen or something! I remember listening to the first wooewoooohoooehooo and every time I hear it, I get this grin on my face that’s part enjoyment and part, I can’t believe it. From topics like sugar is evil to the vagus nerve, intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, mediterranean diet, food myths, wondrous water, all about coffee – the good and the bad, to gut health and a whole episode about poop, and an episode that I had no idea would land for so many people was the Candida episode – ep 97. We have covered Burn out that sadly so many of us have been dealing with over the past two years, and of course self care during the height of the pandemic. Taking care of yourself has become a mindset shift that was much needed, and I’m grateful to have talked so much about that as it was healing for myself as we talked more and more about it. Episodes about mental health were not only for listeners, but for me as my daughter has navigated issues of body image, eating disorders and I didn’t know that I’d be needing the episodes about body image and intuitive eating, but they are topics that we’ve covered over the past two years. Drainage, detox, superfoods, the importance of Vitmain D, all about the non psychoactive component of cannabis – CBD, and I even did a live consultation with Rosanne, remember that? 

So much research, over 5000 hours (with the episode on poop being the longest) which is 208 days, if I calculated that right and while we aren’t going to rehash all those hours, today on EAT THIS with Lianne, what you, our loyal listeners found the most impactful and what you learned.

Chris, it’s been two and a half years of working together and I have to say that I have never laughed as much while working as I have with you! I still remember our first episode recording and how tense I was, after realizing that while I had been on radio for like 7 years at that point, I have always spoken WITH someone in conversation, and this is talking to a mic in a studio. You were so kind and came in and sat next to me so I had someone to direct what I had to say to. We started off getting rid of your giggles and stuff, but then we swiftly realized that your input is invaluable and welcome to not only me, but listeners. You are an integral part of this, not only as my genius and wizard producer, but as a co-host. So thank you. I know you’ve learned a lot, and while it hasn’t stopped you from coming into your studio with a mug full of some sort of booze, or eating ice cream while we are recording, and of course you haven’t given up your Eggo waffles and corn syrup, but there has to be something that stood out for you? 

To mark this episode, I asked my loyal listeners to let us know what their most impactful episode was, so let’s share some of those shall we? 

First up – Beth wrote in and said: 

“First I must say that I LOVE  your podcast! It is so informative and helpful. I always come away with a nugget to chew on or a piece of information that is relevant to what I am working on. You present the information in a clear and concise way that everyone can understand! The most mind-blowing bit I learned was on the Vagus nerve! I love hearing from Dr. B. and your banter, and questions together are so helpful. As part of my EFT work, I was learning about the vagus nerve. Those journals and studies are so hard to wade through, but this podcast made it plain and simple. I’ve started ending my showers with cold water and have noticed a difference. I’m less achy, my weight loss has accelerated, and I feel better! A close second is the podcast you just did on candida. Oh my gosh, so much helpful information in there. I was spurred to do a yeast cleanse, because your information prompted me to go, ‘oh yeah, that’s what happened last time!’ 

I also love you and Chris together! Just hearing you laugh at and with him makes me giggle too! 

Thanks for all you do to inform and educate us!

– Beth Chisholm 

John Williams also loved episodes 86 and 88 and said:

“Vagus nerve info was the best for me . dry mouth breathers also helped a

a great deal. I shared the info and told my friends where to get help for

their ailments. THANK YOU Leanne for at least one full nights sleep in


A long time loyal listener and Courtney: 

Hi Lianne,

I’ve enjoyed listening to every episode up until now. It’s amazing how I’ll see a subject and think

that I’m not really interested in this topic but I’ll still listen and find myself engaged and learning

submerging new. You and Chris make an amazing team! Over your last 100 episodes I’ve learned how bad sugar is for you. It started with the Barry Friedman episodes. You might remember me reaching out to you (I’m no longer on social media) and telling you I did Barry’s challenge for a month and quit eating added sugar in all its many forms. That changed my outlook on sugar and I’m still trying to limit how much I intake. Looking forward to episode 100!

I do have a question/suggestion for a future episode:

How does someone stay healthy while working the night shift? What, how, when can/should that person eat? Might be too limited a topic but thought I’d suggest it and see what you have to say.

Congratulations on episode 100!!!

  • Courtney

Kate Greenfield 

Number one thing that blew me away was the importance of your Vagal Nerve health with Dr B.  How stress has such an impact on it and ways to improve it.

I’ve started new habits like cold water showers, practicing meditation more often, watching my heart rate variability and doing more practices like yoga and Pilates.

My husband and I love your podcasts….thanks for being such a great source of healthful info that is so entertaining.

And the last one about the Vagus nerve episodes is Nikki on Instagram and a patient of Dr B’s said:

I loved your 2 part episode on the Vague nerve! Thank you so much! I have had adrenal issues for years, this episode tied together how the Vagus nerve impacts those. I loved those nuggets of information from Dr. B. Thank you! ❤️

Ok ok, so we know Dr B has his own fan base and Chris, you and I are at the top of the list. Dr Davis Brockenshire is who I drive across the border into Michigan to test and treat me and my daughters and I’ve known him and his family for years. These relationships that you hear on the episodes come from genuine connection. I believe that’s something that shines through as authentic on EAT THIS with Lianne, right Chris?  

Another comment came in from: Kerry Dalton:

I think the episode I’ve told friends and family about most is #61 on Wonderous Water.  Hearing about all of the medications and estrogen in the water was crazy so I bought a Berkey water filter that day.  I notice the difference in taste. Thx Dr B and Scott. 

A client, Brenda, had some lovely things to say: 

I speak to many of my experiences with you and encourage them to listen to your podcast. As they say, you can lead a horse to water… BTW, with the influence of your podcast, I did buy a Berkey. We’ve only had it for about 3 weeks and we are indeed drinking more water. It may be a honeymoon, but the water is very light tasting.

When I ordered it from Scott at Conscious Water, I did mention that I heard of the product through your podcast.

Possibly my most loyal listener and client who has since become a friend, Valerie wrote a very long email while oil pulling! Remember talking about that, Chris. And someone had an explosion as they were doing it. You must find that clip and play it. She finished off her email by saying that “I have been doing coconut oil pulling, as I type this email, so I had better go before I have an explosion, like one of your gentleman loyal listeners did…..I laughed so hard that time that the tears ran down my legs. (I obviously have to do more kegel exercises…Lol). Val you are a gem. 

Here are Val’s top hits: 

  1. I got it that “fad” diets don’t work, that better consistent eating habits are much better, especially when assisted by my own wonderful personal nutritionist!
  2. The interactions between you, Chris and Dr. B always makes me laugh, so often I have to listen over and over to the podcast just to absorb the info being presented.
  3. Off the top of my (tired) head I would say the discussion about methylating really helped me understand what is often going on in my body, and why alcohol affects so much.  For most of my life I thought it was because my father was an nasty alcoholic and that I associated bad memories around alcohol consumption.
  4. The episode on Pluck tea opened my eyes up to the benefits of different kinds of teas – my tea “therapy” has become a whole new experience
  5. The initial consultation appointment I made with Dr. Freedman was very informative.  He was very thorough, and what he told me filled in so many pieces of my health “puzzle”.  I have always wondered about the connection to a particular tooth, which has “bothered me for years, and which I felt had something to do with my left ear and left sinuses.  Once again my intuition was on spot!  I have been doing the mouth taping since hearing about and it really does work!  Even my son Ryan has had success with it too.  He often thinks my “health tips” are crazy, so it was a bonus that he admitted something I told him about actually worked….progress!
  6. When you interviewed the gentleman farmer about milk “options”, I found it very interesting. She won the giveaway and drinking the real milk (it was A2 milk) remindeed of her summers in Ireland with her Grannie’s farm. She thought the A2 milk was deeeeelicious.
  7. As I reflect back on the episodes I gleaned the most from, I think the one I would say helped me most was when you shared what your day was like.  It reinforced that so much of what I was doing, you were too (dry brushing, detox baths, getting outside for walks to absorb VIt. D and exercising, enjoying a cup of tea 3ish, bonus if I had a biscuit too, yoga stretching, starting my day gently with warm water and lemon…there is more but I can’t recall it all now)
  8. I really enjoy the humour you and Chris interject into your podcasts.  Every time I see a package of Skittles I am reminded of his comment about eating a rainbow!  You 2 have wonderful chemistry and this is another reason why I look forward to each new episode. You are doing a wonderful job of spreading knowledge, on so many levels, about so many topics, and I am grateful to be one of your loyal listeners.

Wow wow wow. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts, I hope that I captured all that were sent in. 

To wrap up this episode with a bow on top, I want to say that I often wonder if there’s just too much pressure to get it all right. You know, eat right, drink what you’re supposed to, and tick all the health boxes day in, day out. I often mull over the impact of focusing so much on ‘getting it right’ and do worry that it’s too much focus. After all there are people out there who don’t ever eat a blueberry and they survive, but maybe that’s to do with their genetics, which I’m going to get into more as we kick off season 3 in January 2022. I do hope that this podcast shows you that the element of living, really living well, is a place to put your efforts. And what that looks like is up to you. You’re the one who makes the decisions to not only tune into this podcast every week, but then choose to put what you learn into action. None of us are perfect, and striving towards perfection is actually more harmful than eating the damn cookie – or in my case, shortbread. So another topic we are going to talk about is personal responsibility – and why we keep doing the same things, over and over again and how that is serving us. I’m so excited to share my personal intuitive coach on this topic, so watch for that in early 2022 too. 

Chris, I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. From your bathroom to my closet, what we put together every week has purpose, has impact and does change lives as we’ve heard today. 

Thank you my loyal listeners, for sharing, for commenting, for listening, for upleveling your knowledge and putting some into practice. 

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