EP 111 – Eat This: DNA Test Results

We go through life being tested; tests at school, driving tests, health checks and blood tests, and some of the results of many of these tests can be life-changing, would you agree? Well at the beginning of 2022, I voluntarily submitted my spit – yes I filled the tube to the line with a bunch of watery saliva that ranks up there as the easiest bio-fluid to extract and use for DNA testing. This isn’t my first spit rodeo, and I’ve done three genetic tests so far and they have all reported different aspects of health that further helped me understand myself. Knowing what genetics we took from mom and dad that makes us who we are, offers the most personalized human handbook going. The results from this test have the potential to change my life for the better and as I’ve said before on many episodes, knowledge is power, and in using myself as a guinea pig, my hope is that you’ll come to know if this is a test worth spending your hard-earned dollars on and if its something that could help further you on your health journey. And because you’re here and keep coming back to hear what I have to say, I’m going to hazard a guess that yea, you’re all in. 

Back at the start of the year, during my six-week #beintentional series, the focus was how to be intentional with your health and in what ways, could you learn more about yourself. You’ll remember that we dove into the science of blood tests with Dr. Brockenshire. Our first interview with Kashif Khan about this, DNA testing and we talked about mindset, your thoughts and how to realize your self-sabotage and how to calm the storm of your mind and get out of your own way. We talked to Sam Core Trainer about types of exercise for different age groups. My daughter shared her journey with mental illness and how she has navigated her mental health over the past two years. We also talked about time management and how to fit everything into your day and life, with productivity coach Clare Kumar, so it was a thorough series and now having gone through my own 360 report from The DNA Company that at we are going to do a deep dive into today–all of those topics that I believe must be a focus for living a long and healthy life, I now see them in my genetic results. I’ve realized that I’ve come to an understanding about myself, followed my intuition about what to eat, or not eat but without having the understanding as to why. In a way, I’ve been throwing darts at a dartboard with a blindfold half on. All the choices we make are well-intentioned in that we hope it’s going to lead to a life that’s as full as we can make it, without the worry of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or any other disease holding us back.

So today on EAT THIS with Lianne, a deep dive into my DNA test results with the hopes that you can understand this testing potential and how it can work for you.

Deciding what diet or way of eating to follow, what type of exercises to throw yourself into for maximum results, understanding the way your hormones work – specifically YOUR hormones, which can differ from anyone else’s, knowing your body type and how you put on weight, for instance, are all fit a pretty good crystal ball list that most would like to understand about themselves. It would sure save a lot of trial and error, right?! Then there’s your mood and behaviour type that is just ‘you’, not your siblings or cousins, but YOU. Sleep patterns and the effect of sleep on my wellbeing all the way to the way that you process inflammation which is the cause of pretty much every disease known, and drilling down on your cardiovascular profile and what you need to know there and lastly your just how long you’re likely to live – well that might be too much crystal ball for some, all that I’ve mentioned is what comes in the report from The DNA Company. I’ve been looking over my results and between listening to my genecast results, checking out the specific genes like MAO and what that can tell me about how I experience pleasure and contentment, and BDNF and how my sub-optimal genetic makeup will impact the strength of the connections in my brain, and how did that result show that I’m a deep thinker and likely an expert in my field?! Spooky or science? 

I’ll share some screenshots of my results below so you can see the type of information that’s shared. It’s a deep dive into how my body runs, managing expectations on how I gain or lose weight, how I sleep, the fact that my dad has high blood pressure and has had two heart attacks and my mom diet of lymphoma, is that in my future and what could I be in store for as I’m a mix of the two. To help dig deeper into this, Kashif Khan is joining us again today to share more insights. He’s the co-founder and CEO of The DNA Company, he has his own podcast called Unpilled that I’ve listened to lately, and really quite a know-it-all in the world of DNA testing. So welcome back Kashif!

Things I noticed:

  • The form of B12 that I take is not right for my genetics, however, I have very healthy levels of B12 according to a recent blood test. 
  • USC1 – AG  – get cold easily and build up fat around my abdomen and upper thigh area. Intermittent Fasting for losing weight. But also for the predisposition to diabetes?
  • BCMOL1 AG – I don’t convert betacarotene, the vegetable source of vitamin A to the fat soluble retinol.

There is so much more, and I’ll keep digging, but this is a start to the process of being intentional to wrap that up from the beginning of the year’s episodes. This is what I want for myself and for you, my loyal listener. To be able to take control of your health. The medical system, as amazing as it is, is limited to fixing what’s wrong. So let’s focus on not getting to that point because it’s emotionally draining to go through that process as I have of late. There are plenty more things to focus our attention on and this could be the way to get there. 

If you’d like to dive into your DNA and experience what I have – no you don’t have to record a podcast about it though – head to thednacompany.com/eatthis and get $50 off your test. Then you’ll get a 30 minute call with a health coach to go over a few things, but it’s not enough. I’m delving into this for myself and as a budding analyst, we can work through the results together – although I’m no expert just yet. I will be recommending this to my clients, those who want to go deeper, so let’s keep this conversation going. Speaking of conversations, did you know that I send out a newsletter each week? Both from liannephillipson.com and sproutright.com and that’ll keep you in the loop of what’s coming up, what’s just released, anything that’s on my mind and that I think should be on yours and more. Let’s stay connected on social media on liannephillipson and sproutright handles, and do let me know if you’re going to dive into this and what you find out about yourself. 

A quick mention about episode 109 having really resonated for so many of you and it couples nicely with this episode because it’s all about supplements and my Take This by Lianne line. I had so many questions from my loyal listeners of both the podcast and radio show that I recorded a few videos that you’ll find on social media, and on YouTube, so if you have questions, reach out and check them out as you might have wondered the same thing about cost, achy joints, what I take every day and about where to start. You can also book a free 15-minute call with me. 

Alrighty, I’m going to go and figure out what to do with myself now and I will be making adjustments to my eating habits, supplements, and rest easier knowing that some of my traits are a part of me and I don’t have to make excuses for any of it. Thanks for tuning in and as always remember to EAT THIS one mouthful at a time.

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