EP 46 – Eat This: Collagen 101

You know those supplements that you hear about that claim to be the elixir of life? The magic bullet, cure all, special pill, drink, or that cream that will rid you of your sore back, hips, knees or whatever aches you. Then there are those that say it’ll take 10 years off the person that you see in the mirror, and the biggest draw of all, you’ll get to shed those unwanted pounds with THIS…. Fill in the blank… it could be Pure Green Coffee capsules, that springs into my to mind. Mostly because their promises ended up in a lawsuit for unfounded claims after Dr Oz took it on as the next best thing. Now, I’m not saying that some products that are out there don’t work. I have my own Take This by Lianne supplement line after all, so I’ve been in the trenches of what ingredient and combination in a product does what and let me tell you, it’s a minefield of information. Some of the claims attached to products out there could and quite possibly do what they say. But when people get evangelical about it being a cure ALL, it’s like the automatic shades slowly come down to darkness in my brain and I tune right out. 

With what I’m going to share today there’s no stand-on-your-soapbox cures here as we do a deep dive into Collagen 101. I’m going to drill down on this supplement that has great potential but also answer the question “does it really work as it says?” I’ve done my usual deep dive into the research, checking out the science and what the data shows and combining it with real people’s stories. And bringing on an expert who knows more than I do also helps get you the information that I want you to have, and make an informed decision whether this is for you or not.

I don’t usually speak to one product on this podcast, but I’ve been asked over and over again about skin health, what to do about sore bodies, like knees, hips, backs – well any joint really. Anti aging is always on my mind, and I know many of yours too. And that’s not all about wrinkles and laughter lines. I’m talking about aging in a way that you can stay active, do what you want to do without feeling like you’re a creaky old rocking chair compared to years gone by. If you live to 70, 80 or heck, even 90 like my dad has, how about you feel good while you’re that age and all the days that it took to get there. 

So today on EAT THIS with Lianne – Collagen 101. All you need to know about what it is, what it can do for you, how to take it and what to look for in a product. Oh and hang in until the end for more about a giveaway and your chance to try collagen for yourself.

In Episode 45 about probiotics, I made it sound like we’re a big bag of bacteria, right? Well, we are, so I’m not retracting that. But I’m going to add to that and say that we are a whole bunch of water and collagen too. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, accounting for about one-third all our protein composition. It’s one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. That makes sense right? Well it’s also in other parts like blood vessels, the cornea of your eye, and of course your nashers – that’s British for teeth.

I mentioned the green coffee beans and their unfounded weight loss claims, so I wanted you to know that unlike many other supplements on the market, collagen has actually been proven to help with weight loss and reducing body fat! Collagen can help with not only weight loss, but improving skin texture, reducing inflammation, help with your blood sugar balance and supports good gut health. 

Ok enough from me because I have an expert to explain further and answer all the questions that I have for him: Dr. Nick Bitz, Naturopathic Doctor and Chief Scientific officer of youtheory®, a collagen product that I recently came across. Dr Nick is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor that specializes in Ayurvedic Medicine and as the CSO at Nutrawise, he develops nutritional products under the brand youtheory®. Dr. Nick joins us from his sunny southern California office to share all that he can during our interview.  

Dr Nick talked about broth not being a good source of collagen, and that is where I’m going to have to to disagree. From all that I’ve been taught, know and have researched, meat broth really does help heal and offer collagen to the body. At what dose isn’t clear – like do you need to drink a litre of it a day? I’m not sure. I’ll leave him to his opinion and share mine with you here too. It’s okay to agree to disagree, right? It happens. I don’t disagree with his advice of taking vitamin C with collagen as C is the unsung hero when it comes to skin and, well, every cell in our body. Combine whatever supplement you take with my Take THIS Alka C that has minerals like zinc and magnesium in it, so even more support for your body. 

Is collagen the answer to all your troubles? Well I think we will have to see. I’m going to give it a shot again as my skin feels parched all day long right now. I’ve taken it a few times in different products in the past, including the Great Lakes Collagen, and one in particular from Australia called Optima Skin Food Elixir, which is a science backed combination and I do think made a difference–I noticed it. The drawback to that for me was that it contains a prebiotic that made me bloated, so I had to stop. I’ve taken straight collagen in powder form and liquid form. I have a Genestra product that I recently tried and have a client taking and it certainly seems to be helping her skin issues of really sore skin and redness around her knees and down her legs. Her skin is constantly flaking off her legs in large pieces, and she is sore and stiff whether she sits or stands. She is thrilled with her progress so far, especially after nothing else worked – and I’m not saying it’s all down to including collagen in her supplement protocol, but a bunch of other adjustments to her diet, taking high dose probiotics and my Take This KID BOOST. She had tried everything, seen every doctor and dermatologist over the years and no one knew what to do. She is finally getting some relief since working together, less redness, stiffness and soreness. I’m so relieved for her. 

I’m about to crack open the product that Dr Nick had a hand in formulating, and I’ll report back in my usual unbiased way.

Giftpack Giveaway

Luckily for you, my loyal listener, you have the chance to try it out for yourself! Dr Nick and youtheory® products have offered three wellness giftpacks of their top selling products, including turmeric and collagen. 

To enter, go to sproutright.com/giveaway and fill in the form with your name, email and phone number. No I won’t be calling you to say hi, just if you win and we can’t connect via email. Entry will be open until December 7, 2020 in case you come across this episode at a much later date. We will use a random name picking program and contact you via email or call you to let you know that you’ve won and get your address to send it out to you! I love a great giveaway, don’t you?! I’m excited for you to try it and let us know if you think it helped with whatever you’ve got going on. 

As usual, a packed episode with lots to take in, digest (pun intended) and see where it lands. If you want to check out the liquid collagen that my client that I mentioned has been taking, head to SproutRight.com for more on that. And while you’re there, book a free 15 minute call with me to help you decide what supplements you need, how much to take of what you’ve got or what you plan on ordering from my Take This line. 

As we approach our 50th episode, and have over 1000 downloads a week, totalling over 47,600 lifetime episodes since January. I cannot believe the impact of what Chris and I do each week – and especially now that he’s in his downstairs bathroom studio and I’m in my closet. It just shows, even a pandemic won’t slow the need for good, solid, no-fuss health information. So a massive thank you to you. For listening, again and again. For sharing with loved ones, friends and even colleagues who you think need to hear what I have to say. 

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Thank you, I’m so grateful that you’re here, that you’re listening and that you’re taking charge of your own health – so with that said, please remember to EAT THIS one mouthful at a time.

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