EP 119 – Eat This: Why can’t I lose weight?

With apps out there that help you to hack your metabolism, claiming to help you “watch your weight come off”, is there anyone that actually believes that such a thing is possible. Getting ripped, beach body and bikini ready makes me cringe. Not only is there such potential for body dysmorphia and no one ever being happy with their size and shape, but seeing headlines like that certainly don’t help things. There are “commercial” diet plans for weight loss that I’ve seen people focusing on points as the value of food for the rest of their life and the typical calories in – calories out mentality. How many shapes and sizes of people are around you, do you see on your way to work or as you’re out for a walk. No one person is long and lean or short and round, right?! What if there was a way to not only be more self accepting of where you are at, but also an acceptance of your body type. We’ve talked about genetics in episodes 101 and 111, and as your rulebook of your body, your genetics play a big part in how you carry your weight, how you gain or lose weight and how your body deals with proteins, fats and carbs. That’s why there is not one ‘diet’ that works for everyone. You don’t see everyone on Keto and looking the way magazines highlight how a small percentage of the population looks, nor everyone following the Whole30 diet is living their best life. I’m not saying that the sugary treat like a donut or ice cream, or that second serving of dinner is adding to that extra weight you’re carrying that you don’t feel good about, isn’t something to look at, but we all know this is a multi-layered topic. I’ve had many clients who booked an intro call with me on liannephillipson.com say lately that while they did pretty good at maintaining their weight at the start of Covid, their exercise dropped off and their clothes now feel uncomfortably tight, and no matter what they try, it’s not helping. So what’s going on right now? Is this a trend post pandemic? Whether it is or not, what got you here – well I’ll put myself in this category too actually as my clothes are on the tighter side now too, so what got US here, and why? And then how are we going to gently, lovingly and with know how, start to shed some of what isn’t healthy and have you feel like you’ve got this? Who better to help answer these questions and guide us than Dr Davis Brockenshire. He’s back on EAT THIS with Lianne as he told me that he’s seeing this in his practice, along with a few other symptoms like belly bloat and brain fog, that he thought important discuss.

So today on EAT THIS with Lianne, why you (or I) can’t lose weight and why, in the brilliant way that only he explains things.

So hold onto your hats, get your notebook out and rewind finger ready my lovely loyal listeners, because it’s going to be a discussion that will change your life. 

Now usually I do a preamble and set up my interviews with some know-how and info, but as there’s so much to get through with Dr B, let’s get right to it. If you haven’t heard him on the previous 12 episodes that we’ve had him on since the start of EAT THIS with Lianne over two years ago, know that he talked about the the good, the bad and the best of coffee in episode 53, what booze does to your body in episode 30, did a deep dive into Men’s Health in episode 79 and hugely popular Vagus nerve part 1 and 2 in episodes 86 and 88 and many more. So he’s no stranger to your ears if you subscribe to this podcast, but if you don’t yet Dr B is a functional medicine expert, a super engaging educator and speaker, treating patients all over the world virtually and from his clinic Innovative Health Solutions in Michigan. He is also who I go to for my health concerns and a good friend, so welcome back Dr B.

I think that was the most fascinating way to look at weight gain and loss that I’ve heard next to having my chat with Kashif Khan of The DNA Company when he explained my genetic results and how I carry excess weight and how the Keto diet is NOT for me in episode 111. If you’d like to know more about yourself head to thednacompany.com/eatthis for your own test and save $50 at the check out. 

So what landed for you from what Dr B shared? … Let us know on social media. To find out more about Dr B’s practice, check out his website and check out his social media to see what he’s up to. He is a smartypants and someone who you’d be sorted right out with. The supplements that he mentioned you’ll find on sproutright.com.

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Subscribe and share this with anyone that you know would benefit. Frame it as you listened to this and you’re going to try out some of what Dr B suggested because this can be a touchy subject for those who don’t want to change their habits to send a podcast about weight loss to someone, but then again it could be just the wake up that they need. You get to decide on that. You could share on your social media for all your connections to see and the vulnerability of your journey, could just help someone else not feel alone. And on that note, talking about weight loss has a new spin for me, with a daughter who sufferers with an eating disorder, there’s a balance somewhere that this conversation can happen without shame, guilt or judgement. And that’s towards ourselves or others. Be mindful of the language you use around this topic, for your sake and those around you, because you are enough no matter what dress or pant size you are.

So with that said, go forth with love for yourself knowing that you’re doing the best you know how, and now you know more you can do more and so please take it in, love you for where you’re at and lovingly remember to EAT THIS one mouthful at a time.

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