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A year has 365 days, 52 weeks and 8760 hours which works out to 525600 minutes. While it feels like a lot of time, in many ways coming to the end of another year has felt like 2022 has been the speediest yet. You know the predictions that come out at the end of the year, crystal ball-ing what’s to come for us, a couple of predictions for 2022 according to Forbes magazine included that ​​92% of families aiming to continue or increase eating at home and the non-alcoholic drink market industry expected to grow by 35% and a continued 27% increase in plant-based foods. In our own lives, predicting what will happen in the next 365 days is within our control, driven by our decisions and the choices that we make every day. Before moving forward, it can be good to look back and acknowledge your progress, growth and achievements to know what to focus on moving forward. I know that if you’ve been listening to this podcast and show all year, or the past three years, you have learned a thing or two, and hopefully, that knowledge has led to a positive change in your health; physical and mental health. Knowing that when we hear a podcast or a segment on the radio, the day you hear it, a certain aspect can land for you, and if you hear it another time, something else will resonate that you maybe didn’t hear the first time! In case you don’t go back and listen to an episode that you already heard, today on EAT THIS with Lianne, I’m going to take you back and share some of the best bits, and let’s see how it lands for you this go around! 


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In the spirit of looking back to move forward, Chris, I took a peek at our podcast downloads to see how EAT THIS with Lianne is being received, and with over 250,000 downloads, I’d say that we are touching lives and creating impact. Knowing that people don’t always download episodes and just listen to them, that number could be more than double! 

Let’s start back in January when I kicked off the year with my Be Intentional series. My goal was to set you up with some ideas and ways to dig deeper into who you are. We started off talking about genetic testing with Kashif Kahn from (yes we have our own URL so you get $50 off the test), and it was an eye-opener to learn just what we can know about ourselves and how that can shape the decisions that we make. 

What I learned from both episode 101 and then in the analysis of my own results in episode 111 just how much our genetics play a role in how we feel. Kashif explained dopamine and the genetic component that could explain a lot about your experience with food and its relation to dopamine.  


Then we did a deep dive into my results and I found out that I have a very uniqueness to me, but different from Kashif with my dopamine response. We did start with a good giggle though… 


Knowing more about myself has been truly insightful for me in validating a bunch of traits that I have wondered if I’m flawed or just an overthinking perfectionist, but now I know that my superpower of attention to detail is a GOOD thing and it’s just how my brain works. 

I had a proud mom moment bringing on my daughter, Hadley to speak about her mental health struggles over the past few years. She continues to struggle daily, and understanding how her brain works – I did have her DNA tested too – has been a huge help. Knowing that the driver of her anxiety is driven by her thoughts, allows empathy for what she and others live within their moment-to-moment projection and her thoughts. 

Our commitment to ourselves is where it starts and ends. Carolyn Monden an intuitive coach shared about breaking patterns without judgement episode 102.

I hope that sets you up for an even more mindful 2023. 

Ok, let’s move on to defying aging and optimizing all of your fine self has been described as BioHacking and changing your chemistry and your physiology through science and self-experimentation to increase energy and vitality. Antiageing and longevity are no trend but BioHacking might feel like it as it’s new, but it really is making the best of your body, by what you eat, how you exercise, detoxify, focus on your thoughts and managing stress and the depth of regenerating on a cellular level and just what to do to support it all. I went into all the aspects of BioHacking in episode 125 that included how to use wearables, what is compression therapy, and the use of red and near infra-red light that I use daily from – you can use code EATTHIS10 for 10% off even if they have a sale on! cold therapy Chris’s favourite, and of course diet and supplements, and fasting for health. Speaking of supplements, I shared all about my supplement line Take This by Lianne in episode 109 as they are foundational to support each and every cell in your body with antioxidants nutrients, fats, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. You’ll find much more about my line on


I also did a deeper dive into red light and NIR in episode 126 and how to fuel your cell’s powerhouse called the mitochondria in episode 128. 6:42 to wherever. We talked to Dr Patrick Porter about how to better your brain with the BrainTap device, and I have to say that I love it and use it daily to help me cope with stress. More on this device on – search for BrainTap. Speaking of stress, in episode 130 I went into 5 ways to manage your stress that wove into all that I had talked about in the BioHacking episodes as stress, inflammation and sugar, are the fastest ways to mess up cellular and mitochondria health, shorten our lifespan, increase disease and speed up ageing. That whole series will set you up for maximizing your health and longevity for sure! 

Dr Davis Brockenshire has been a trusted voice here and joined us to talk about many topics including my experience with some kind of flu recently and he will help you navigate that if you or a loved one ends up getting sick over the holidays. He also helped us understand more about head trauma and concussions in episode 112, which I’ve heard of a few people suffering with of late, and it takes a lot of healing to move on from. Earlier in the year, as part of the Be Intentional series, Dr. B went through how to interpret your blood test results in episode 102 when he shared the importance of testing your vitamin D status and taking my Sunshine D2+K2 if you don’t. 33:42 – 34:44

Yes he just said about getting vitamin D from mushrooms while you can, those mushrooms have to sunbathe first as in being exposed to UV light and I did a deep dive into that issue in both episodes 131 and 132 and again with Skye Chiltern from Real Mushrooms in episode 142. What piqued my interest in mushrooms was when Dr. B said that our microbiome or gut bugs have been under such stress during the pandemic and that our key to weight loss starts with the gut bugs. Check out episode 119 from 20:56 – 24:00. 


After Dr. B said to consume 3 lbs a week of mushrooms, I knew that could be a challenge and wondered what mushroom supplements were all about. That took me to the deep dive I mentioned in episodes 131 and 132 where I went into all the health benefits and gave you ideas of how to incorporate mushrooms into your daily diet. I went on a search to find supplements that I could stand behind talking about and came across Giddy Yo’s tinctures that I use every day – you can too and get a discount over at and use code Eat This for 15% off when they don’t have a sale on, and Real, use code EAT THIS for 15% off there. I wanted to make sure that they were the real deal so we had Skye on episode 142. He helped us understand what a good quality supplement was all about and he broke this down for us. Check out 17:30 – 19:15.

In episode 117, we looked into the Impact of Sitting as it is called the new smoking. Sitting has been linked to obesity, increased blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes and hypoglycemia, and even cancer, so we need to add this to our awareness and we did just that with kinesiologist and Core Chair inventor Patrick Harrison. 

To set you up for the year please revisit episode 120 to highlight the work of BJ Fogg who has studied human behaviour for over 20 years. Then to take stock of where you are so you know where you’re going in 2023, take stock in episode 122 and over on you can download a BodyScan page to see where you are now and focus on where you want to get to. 

As we put a bow on 2022 and head into a new year, I know you might be itching to create resolutions, set some goals and hopefully have more intentions for yourself. There is something about intentions that feels achievable and that you’re actually driving the decisions. Resolutions are almost outside of ourselves and have expectations attached. If there is one thing that I have learned this year or has sunk deeper, is that it all starts with us – as what you want begins with you, what I want and how I am starts with me. So as Chris and I wrap up EAT THIS with Lianne for its third year, we leave you with our heartfelt gratitude for being here, sharing episodes with family and friends, and showing up for yourself with an effort to make your life better. 

So with that said, happy holidays, happy new year and let’s usher 2023 in with some healthiness, and hopefully no hangover! That episode about what booze does to your body is on episode 30. Thanks all and I’ll sign off by reminding you  to eat this one mouthful at a time. 

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