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EP 172 – 8 Physiological Causes of Anxiety: A Deep Dive with Dr. Shawna Darou

Do you find yourself lying awake at night, pondering the uncertainties of the days ahead? Whether it’s the anticipation of starting a new job, a forthcoming trip, or even just planning out your next week, this underlying sense of dread can disrupt your daily life. However, is this anxiety? The short answer: not always. Anxiety is a medical term that refers to a range of mental health disorders with moderate to severe anxiety as a […]

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EP 155 – Eat This: Meditation and Brain Health

What is your relationship, or do you have one, with meditation? Mine is definitely off/ on one. I started meditating when over 14 years ago. I began with Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation challenge and I stuck to it. Deepak would put out these 21-day challenges throughout the year and it truly did change my life. I was married at the time and it helped me realized the toxic relationship that I was in, and how […]

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EP 139 – Eat This: what is Ayurveda?

In the field of medicine, as well as doctors, specialists, and hospital acute care, there are an array of alternative and complementary medical practices. You are here listening to me talk about nutrition – that’s an alternative or complementary practice further to the medicine model–Hippocrates did say “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” after all– and there are a number of Traditional alternative medicine practices that take a holistic approach – […]

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EP 134 – Eat This: Preventing and managing diabetes

Possibly not as scary as the C word, but hearing a diagnosis of the big D or diabetes or even pre-diabetes from your doctor can send patients into a tailspin. Diabetes can be quite misunderstood, especially because there are two types – type 1 which typically happens in younger years, and type 2, which was once called late-onset diabetes, but they had to ditch that because kids now have type 2 diabetes. One of our […]

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EP 127 – Eat This: Pain

OWWWW, OUCH, Ahhhhh, usually means you’re in pain – the look on your face says it all and the sound that comes from within is indicative of the depth of pain. All in all, pain is truly no fun. Getting out of bed some mornings can really be a challenge from deep tissue pain, joint pain, headaches, or bruise-like pain. Then there’s the deeper pain, like chest pain that has everyone on high alert diving […]

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EP 117 – Eat This: Are you sitting down?

Are you sitting down? I’m not asking because I have bad news to share, but that the position that you’re in right now as you sit could seriously be hampering your healthy efforts. The time that we now spend sitting; at a desk, driving, watching TV, scrolling on the phone, sitting on a bus or train, or even on a plane, well anywhere else you can sit, is actually detrimental to our health. With sitting […]

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EP 112 – Eat This: Concussions and brain injuries

We’ve all likely had a knock to the head at some point in our lives, and ended up with a sore noggin for a bit, whether it is a bruise to the flesh or a nagging headache. But then there’s the trauma to the head and brain that can be impactful to day-to-day life and life-changing but not necessarily for the better. That is an area where, in my experience, more of an integrated approach […]

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EP 106 – Eat This: Time Management

Time… why does it seem that there’s never enough of it? After all, there are 86,400 seconds or 1,440 minutes or 24 hours in a day, and most days it’s not enough, right?! But, what would be enough? Twice that, an extra hour, I’m not sure that there would ever be enough time to do what you and I want to get accomplished. Time is the one thing that no amount of money can buy, […]