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Eat This: Self Care With Food

Is eating really a form of self-care? And how can we use food to slow down and appreciate what we have? You’ve seen the social media post declaring that stressed spelled backwards is desserts so that makes eating all the treats a form of self-care somehow right… right?! I tell you to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day and that’s good for your mind and body, but what about that TV commercial […]

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Eat This: Dinner Rehab

Dinner, dinner, dinner! Well, we had to round out the last of the REHAB series with our final installment: DINNER. The mack daddy of all the meals of the day. It’s the anchor, where the family comes together, and the three meals of the day are nicely squared away. While I talked about a bunch of myths to do with breakfast and even snacks, dinner and myths – not so Google worthy.  But that’s not […]

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Eat This: Breakfast Rehab

Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast! We’re told it’s the most important meal of the day, but did you know that saying was started in the 19th century by James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg to sell their newly invented breakfast cereal. Sounds to me like that marketing strategy was a winner! Some are breakfast eaters and others aren’t. Whether it’s because it’s a pain to make, you don’t have time and leap out of bed and […]

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Eat This: Lunch Rehab

Lunch, lunch, lunch! That dreaded mid-day meal that disrupts the flow of work, play and focus. I guess it can also be a welcome break, but then you’ve gotta make it. Sometimes lunch doesn’t happen, or can be a half-hearted attempt at nourishment and while gone are the days of stopping by a hot dog stand as you head to your next meeting, or choosing what takes your fancy as you sit down to a […]

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Eat This: Snack Rehab

These days, something as simple as making snacks can be so exhausting. Endless Googling for ideas, endless amounts of options, but not enough energy in the day to make any of it happen. Luckily for you, I’m the nutritionist who has your back because I’m fully on the pro-snack train… and in case you haven’t noticed, I have lots of information to share.  My goal for this episode is to undo your previous ideas of […]

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Eat This: Food for Good Sleep

Do you wake up excited when you’ve slept through the night? Or maybe get your rush from thinking that you’re able to function on 4 hours a night? Countless times I’ve heard it said that you can “sleep when you’re dead” so carry on partying, drinking, staying up late and “LIVING”. However, according to the experts, that’s rather unwise advice. What I’ve dug up about sleep for this episode might show you that sleep, next […]

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Eat This: Curbing Quarantine 15

I think it all started off with hoarding toilet paper. Then we realized that we’d better fill our fridges and cupboards with food otherwise the all that stockpiled TP won’t be needed. Then the baking. Bread rising either from a sourdough starter or just plain ‘ol yeast – if you could find it – loaves filled bellies and social media feeds. I saw homemade fancy apple cinnamon strudel cakes, cinnamon rolls, the most decadent chocolate […]


Eat This: Reduce Your Food Waste

Shopping… meal planning… watching your weekly spend go up, maybe. Or is it going down because you’re ordering online and can’t just pick up that little extra thing that you think you’ll fancy for your midnight snack?  Thinking about stretching our food budget further than we have before, let’s look a bit deeper at food waste. Yep, what’s lurking at the bottom or back of the fridge that you can’t rescue or add to some […]