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EP 174 – Minerals! Of the Macro And Micro Kind

  Hello, avid listeners and mineral enthusiasts, welcome back to another rich episode with your host, Lianne. Today, we’re unravelling the fascinating world of macro and micro minerals, to empower you with the knowledge to maintain a healthy and balanced body. So, let’s dive right in!         Unveiling the Players: Macro and Micro Minerals Did you know that your body needs a balanced intake of two groups of minerals: macro and micro, […]

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EP 173 – Dr B ‘In The House’

Welcome to a truly extraordinary session of “EAT THIS with Lianne”! This special episode sees Lianne and the revered Dr. Davis Brockenshire, a luminary in the realm of Functional Medicine, uniting in one location to bring light to your burning questions in the inaugural “Ask Dr. B” segment, a series that promises to be a monthly delight for all our cherished listeners. Even while my indomitable Executive Producer, Chris Kant, continues to operate from his […]

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EP 172 – 8 Physiological Causes of Anxiety: A Deep Dive with Dr. Shawna Darou

Do you find yourself lying awake at night, pondering the uncertainties of the days ahead? Whether it’s the anticipation of starting a new job, a forthcoming trip, or even just planning out your next week, this underlying sense of dread can disrupt your daily life. However, is this anxiety? The short answer: not always. Anxiety is a medical term that refers to a range of mental health disorders with moderate to severe anxiety as a […]

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EP 171 – The True Benefits of Isometric Exercise with Brad Thorpe

Welcome back, fitness enthusiasts and loyal listeners of the EAT THIS with Lianne podcast! In today’s episode, we dive deep into the world of Isometric Exercise – a stationary yet intense form of exercise that’s been making waves in the fitness realm. Any form of movement can be a mood booster. The age-old battle of “should I work out now, later, or maybe tomorrow?” is something most of us grapple with. But believe me, you’ll […]

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EP 170 – What is Nitric Oxide?

When choosing topics to talk about here, I often need inspiration and a better memory than I have to recall what you want to hear about or what I want to share with you that isn’t even on your radar. Today’s topic is the latter, a topic that I have wanted to share for a long while, and I have either forgotten it as I plan an episode or another trumped it. As with most […]

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EP 169 – Arthritis

Arthritis has become a prevalent condition in the 21st century, affecting approximately one in four individuals. It is alarming to learn that 30% of adults aged 45-64 have been diagnosed with arthritis by their doctors. The pain associated with arthritis and joint discomfort can be debilitating, hindering individuals from fully enjoying their lives at any age. Inflammation is closely linked to arthritis, and on today’s episode of “Eat This with Lianne,” we have a special […]

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EP 168 – Where Are Our Supplements Going?

Welcome to Episode 168 of our podcast, where we dive into a topic that affects us all – the potential risk to natural health products. Whether you’re a new or loyal listener, it’s likely that you incorporate supplements into your daily routine and prioritize the impact of food on your well-being. The abundance of studies linking health to natural health products, such as magnesium supplements, can sometimes be overwhelming. Today, we shed light on the […]

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Ep 167 – Oral Health

Your body is a whole ecosystem of its organs, muscles, bones, teeth, ligaments and connective tissue, nerves, microbiome, and cells of all kinds. The number one way that we keep all of that healthy is by food entering via your mouth. That pie hole or oral cavity does a lot from chewing, producing enzymes, and it is the gateway to the rest of the body because it’s the start of the digestion process. You might […]