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Eat This: Adaptogens

Stress. We all live it and experience high and manageable levels depending on the day or even the hour. While it sometimes feels kinda lame to say that all that you’re dealing with from high blood pressure, to aches, pains, poor sleep, even being overweight with a typical stress belly, or like me suffering from migraines all come from stress, but truthfully it’s not. The flip side of stress, no matter what your body sees […]

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Eat This: Concussions and brain injuries

We’ve all likely had a knock to the head at some point in our lives, and ended up with a sore noggin for a bit, whether it is a bruise to the flesh or a nagging headache. But then there’s the trauma to the head and brain that can be impactful to day-to-day life and life-changing but not necessarily for the better. That is an area where, in my experience, more of an integrated approach […]

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Eat This: DNA Test Results

We go through life being tested; tests at school, driving tests, health checks and blood tests, and some of the results of many of these tests can be life-changing, would you agree? Well at the beginning of 2022, I voluntarily submitted my spit – yes I filled the tube to the line with a bunch of watery saliva that ranks up there as the easiest bio-fluid to extract and use for DNA testing. This isn’t […]

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Eat This: FAQ from you

Questions, we all have them and sometimes the answers just lead to more questions. Ever googled something you needed to know and ended up down some rabbit hole that you can’t quite get back out of? A click here and there and you might just end up with answers to questions that you didn’t even know to ask. Then there’s Dr Google, who has all the answers to all of your ailments and sends you […]

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Eat This: Take This, but why?

The word supplement means something that completes or enhances something else when added to it. Drilling down on what a dietary supplement is, good ol’ Merriam tells us that a product taken orally that contains one or more ingredients (such as vitamins or amino acids) that are intended to supplement one’s diet and are not considered food. Digging down into the net worth of the supplement industry shows numbers from 1.5 billion British Pounds in […]

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Eat This: Isometric training

We all may have done it, got inspired about working out, joined a team sport, put on a fitness app, and have someone tell you how long to ride or cycle for. Or you hit the gym thinking that you’ll just lift a few weights and use the machines as you did when you were younger and poof, your beach bod – or bod that fits into the other half of the clothes in your […]

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Eat This: Be Intentional Round Up

The mark of a new year is to reset and make resolutions, right?! At the start of this year 2022. I introduced the shift from resolutions to #beintentional over the past six weeks, six podcast episodes and six radio shows. I’ve taken you through some new ideas and concepts that I’m focusing on and as I go through my health journey, sharing and using myself as the test subject gives context that we are all […]

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Eat This: Time Management

Time… why does it seem that there’s never enough of it? After all, there are 86,400 seconds or 1,440 minutes or 24 hours in a day, and most days it’s not enough, right?! But, what would be enough? Twice that, an extra hour, I’m not sure that there would ever be enough time to do what you and I want to get accomplished. Time is the one thing that no amount of money can buy, […]