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Eat This: The worst ingredients

Reading the label of any packaged food can look like it needs a chemistry degree. I’d hazard a guess that if you do turn over the box or crunchy plastic bag of what you’re wanting to know more about, and see sodium benzoate, or carrageenan or even artificial flavouring tartrazine not knowing exactly what it means doesn’t lead to you putting it back on the shelf … or does it? Why isn’t the whole label […]

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Eat This: The good and the scary of chocolate

It’s a scary time of year as Halloween approaches, and when I say scary, I’m not just talking about the goules and dressed up scary clowns, I’m talking about the sugar overload that’s unleashed at this time of year, that often continues right through to the January resolutions of eating better, ditching the sugar and hitting the gym. And yes, it’s the end of October, but whenever you are listening to this episode, my nutritionist […]

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Eat This: TMJ

What is the most important nutrient that we need for a long and healthy life? I’m going to say that you’re not going to get it, but I’m going to circle back to answer that shortly. If your mouth or jaw hurts, how do you think that’s going to affect how and what you eat? If you’re in pain all the time, that means that your adrenal glands are responding to pain seen as stress. […]

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Eat This: Mouth Breathing

You know when you take a deep breath in, does it happen through your mouth or your nose if you’re not instructed on which … Yes, we breathe in and we breathe out. And it’s essential to keep on living, yes, but when was the last time that you noticed if you’re breathing through your nose or mouth? While you might think, um isn’t any breathing a good thing? Well yes, but there is a […]

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Eat This: Why bother with breakfast?

The alarm clock goes off, you get up, out of bed and what unfolds next? Shower, workout, meditation, hot water and lemon, coffee is a no brainer for most, then I’m sure checking your phone for updates falls in there somewhere, but then what about breakfast? You’ve had it ingrained in us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet there are people who don’t eat breakfast ever, or they don’t […]

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Eat This: The Vagus Nerve – Part 2

The Vagus Nerve – why are we talking about this and not now to navigate Las Vegas with good food and drink? Well, because I want to introduce you to what I believe you need to know more about, to take control of your health. All too often I see clients who don’t realize that they can feel better and what they’ve been dealing with healthwise that’s slowing them down, causing pain or not allowing them […]

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Eat This: In case you missed it…

I can’t believe that we’re almost at 90 episodes of EAT THIS with Lianne! That’s A LOT of information about working toward a healthier you. Did you catch it all? Well in case you missed a few, this week we’re recapping some of our favourite episodes to give you a little taste of each. From episode 79: Men’s Health, we’ll hear from Dr. Davis Brockenshire on how a dependency on alcohol affects your body and […]

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Eat This: The Vagus Nerve

Despite my willingness to always be learning something new, there are times when I need to hear something, or be hit over the head with it a few times before I get into it. Well that has happened over the past few months. In speaking with someone about the mental health challenges that one of my daughters has been having over the past year, the term Polyvagal Theory came up. It was suggested to look […]