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EP 129 – Eat This: Better your Brain

All nicely tucked into your skull, weighing in at a mere three pounds, your brain is essential to every breath, heartbeat, thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, the temperature you feel; internally and externally, every hunger pang and every single process that regulates your body, yep, it’s controlled by your brain. Think of the brain as the most complex computer that controls all bodily functions. Along with the brain, there’s a network of messages […]

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EP 128 – Eat This: Eat for your mitochondria

Nourishing your mitochondria isn’t likely your first thought as you open your eyes in the morning. And yet, the energy, the thought, the movement that follows waking up, all take energy produced within each and every cell in your body. You know that I love to do a deep dive on this show and podcast, and truly, I’m not sure if we could go deeper than the structures in the cell that make energy by […]

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EP 127 – Eat This: Pain

OWWWW, OUCH, Ahhhhh, usually means you’re in pain – the look on your face says it all and the sound that comes from within is indicative of the depth of pain. All in all, pain is truly no fun. Getting out of bed some mornings can really be a challenge from deep tissue pain, joint pain, headaches, or bruise-like pain. Then there’s the deeper pain, like chest pain that has everyone on high alert diving […]

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EP 126 – Eat This: Light and energy

Think about how much time you’ve spent outside today, or even this week and how much of it was naked? Likely none of the latter, but seriously, being indoors for the majority of the day; in the office, in the car, in transit, inside your home and having just gone through two years of a pandemic, there were possibly more who were outside going for a walk, but equally so many who didn’t get out […]

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EP 125 – Eat This: Biohacking

The term ‘hacking’ likely doesn’t fill you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, but more of an uh oh about what part of your life you’re about to lose to the hacker. Then there’s hacks that make life easier; something quick and speedy like breakfast, lunch or dinner hack. Hacks to get yourself or kids in bed. The list goes on to infinity with shortcuts to make life easier. There’s another hacking phenomenon going on […]

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EP 124 – Eat This: Why eat local?

A bunch of years ago, a movement towards eating local emerged. The book The 100 Mile Diet: A year of local eating by Alisa Smith and J.B. Mackinnon was published to prove that it’s possible to live off food that hasn’t travelled further than 100 miles. With a quote on the cover written by David Suzuki “Eating local isn’t just a fad – it may be one of the most important ways we save ourselves […]

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EP 122 – Eat This: Taking stock

After speaking with a lovely loyal listener and prospective client the other day, something she said got me thinking. As we talked she said that she knows a lot of what to do for her health, and then also isn’t quite sure what’s next. As in she wasn’t sure how to uplevel her health from where she is to have more energy, sleep better, and consistently feel good while knowing that she is positively influencing […]

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EP 121 – Eat This: Take in less toxins

The definition of a chemical is that it’s a compound or substance that has been purified or prepared, especially artificially. Chemicals can be a combination of elements that sometimes play nice together and other times, not at all. You know those skull and crossbone warnings on the front of some bottles that you have in your garage or under your sink, well they’re a mix of chemicals to make up something that cleans, repels water, […]