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EP 137 – Eat This: Eye Health

Eighty per cent of what we learn comes through our eyes and what we see. Locking eyes with one another, whether in person, from a distance or on a screen, creates the human connection that we all thrive on. Vision is a critical sense, and for us lucky enough to have it, keeping it for as long as possible is a worthwhile health effort. Much of what I talk about on EAT THIS with Lianne […]

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EP 136 – Eat This: Debunking the misinformation about mushrooms

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food, is a very well-known and used phrase said by the Greek physician, Hippocrates. He also ranked mushrooms as a superfood since the beginning of time, a smart man. While I don’t think that superfood status was carried over to more recent lists of superfoods along with dark chocolate, blueberries, salmon, nuts, seeds including chia, broccoli, beets, and beans, to mention a few. In case you’ve […]

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EP 135 – Eat This: How, why, and what of finding quality supplements

As you’re here, I’m going to guess that you’ve had the experience of going into a supplement store, or health food store and you either have an idea of what you’re after, or you ask someone for help choosing a supplement for your symptoms. You get a recommendation out of the five to 10 options of one B complex, glucosamine, or turmeric because you’ve heard that it’s going to cure what ails you at the […]

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EP 134 – Eat This: Preventing and managing diabetes

Possibly not as scary as the C word, but hearing a diagnosis of the big D or diabetes or even pre-diabetes from your doctor can send patients into a tailspin. Diabetes can be quite misunderstood, especially because there are two types – type 1 which typically happens in younger years, and type 2, which was once called late-onset diabetes, but they had to ditch that because kids now have type 2 diabetes. One of our […]

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EP 133 – Eat This: Senescence- Is this the answer to antiaging?

There’s this process that we have going on within us, whether we know it or not – it’s the process of aging and growing old. Aging gracefully, and keeping our body, our minds, memory, and brain health optimized is key to doing this getting old thing as well as humanly possible. There’s a term to do with longevity, and aging that I hadn’t heard of before, which of course has led me to do a […]

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EP 132 – Eat This: Medicinal Mushrooms- Part 2

What’s not a plant, a fruit, or a vegetable that has medicinal properties that in some instances give prescription meds a run for their money, and are found in the forest? Fungi or what most of us call mushrooms. They’re their own kingdom and share 35% of their DNA with us, humans. Medicinal mushrooms can improve the mind and body, and no I’m not talking about the psychedelic types. I’m talking about mushrooms and their […]

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EP 131 – Eat This: Benefits of functional mushrooms

Typically when you think of fungus or the plural fungi, mushrooms may not be a connection that is top of mind. There are times when fungus can cause real problems for health, but on the flip side, they also have incredible health benefits for the skin, your brain, your bones, your immune system, your gut health and microbiome, and therefore your mental health. Yep, those are fungi with benefits. Would you believe me if I […]

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EP 130 – Eat This: How to cope during stressful times

Since the last time that we talked, I’ve had a few weeks off and made some space for myself. Mmmm time off to do nothing… sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Did you just imagine long walks on the beach, flipping through magazines, reading books, being served tea from a cup and saucer, and a shaken martini at dusk, dahling? Yea, I wish. Not only can our perception and expectation of what life ‘should’ look so far […]