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EP 172 – 8 Physiological Causes of Anxiety: A Deep Dive with Dr. Shawna Darou

Do you find yourself lying awake at night, pondering the uncertainties of the days ahead? Whether it’s the anticipation of starting a new job, a forthcoming trip, or even just planning out your next week, this underlying sense of dread can disrupt your daily life. However, is this anxiety? The short answer: not always. Anxiety is a medical term that refers to a range of mental health disorders with moderate to severe anxiety as a […]

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EP 156 – Eat This: Mighty Macros and More!

The podcast and radio show is called EAT THIS with Lianne. While I incorporate food into each episode, topics of late like sauna and cold plunge, meditation, listening to yourself, mental health, and other broader health topics that relate to food, I felt like we hadn’t had a focused discussion about the food that’s on your plate in a while. Sure, knowing how to stabilize your blood sugar with a glucose monitor that Chris and […]

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EP 152 – Eat This: Hormones, perimenopause, libido, and more …

Hot flashes that start as a light full body warming sensation and then move on a full-on red-in-the-face dewy and glistening situation both during the day along with night sweats that drench the sheets, leading to throwing the duvet off for a minute, then feeling chilled after. Headaches and migraines that are not touched by any medication can last as long as a week. Rapid weight gain, but especially around the middle, often called a […]

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EP 151 – Eat This: Listening To Yourself

With all the diets, the ways of eating, the endless aisles of food s to follow, and suggestions for time restriction, how do you know what will work for you? You try it, go through these feelings of deprivation, those mental and physical withdrawal symptoms of some kind depending on what you are trying, but push through despite the doubt or wonder that if what had your friend lose weight, or the looking five years […]

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EP 150 – Eat This: Prioritizing Sleep

To eat well is to sleep well. To sleep well is to eat well. The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life. Research has shown it over and over again, and yet it’s not talked about. As you’re here, you are interested in health and with a podcast and show titled EAT THIS, you’ll quite rightly expect to hear all about food, but let me tell you, not including sleep in the health conversation would […]

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EP 148 – Eat This: Making clean and healthy drinks

What is in your glass, your cup or mug is under more scrutiny of late. Headlines, reports, and guidelines could instigate a change in your liquid consumption behaviour, if you feel inclined – I guess it would depend on what it is and how much it affects your life. A recent headline I came across asked if I’d like “Some plastics with your tea?” It was from a reputable source, in a report from McGill […]

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EP 147 – Eat This: Metabolic Flexibility

If you’ve been here before, welcome back if you’re new, welcome! As we record this, it’s the beginning of January 2023, and here we go with EAT THIS with Lianne into yet another year. Chris and I have been at this since mid-2019 and are up to almost 150 episodes and have an incredible following of Lovely Loyal Listeners, who I have come to learn call themselves LLL’s.  A quick intro to myself for those […]

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EP 146 – Eat This: Best “Bites” of 2022

A year has 365 days, 52 weeks and 8760 hours which works out to 525600 minutes. While it feels like a lot of time, in many ways coming to the end of another year has felt like 2022 has been the speediest yet. You know the predictions that come out at the end of the year, crystal ball-ing what’s to come for us, a couple of predictions for 2022 according to Forbes magazine included that […]